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One Piece Theory: Dragon Isn’t Garp’s Biological Son


Ask any One Piece fan what Monkey D. Luffy’s parental state of affairs is, and you may doubtless get the identical reply: Luffy is the son of Monkey D. Dragon, who’s the son of Monkey D. Garp, whereas Luffy’s mom stays shrouded in thriller. This seemingly typical knowledge has remained true since each senior members of the Monkey household had been formally launched again within the Put up Enies Foyer arc, with no additional readability since then.

Nonetheless, one Reddit consumer might have discovered an evidence that turns the complete One Piece world on its head. In their post, u/dfd2002 theorizes that Garp is not Luffy’s paternal grandfather however quite his maternal one, and Dragon’s father is somebody altogether completely different — Rocks D. Xebec, the previous most infamous pirate on the planet. So how real looking is that this idea?

It seems like an absurd premise at first. In spite of everything, is not it a longtime proven fact that Garp is Dragon’s father? Wanting nearer, nevertheless, it is by no means been made express within the One Piece manga. Garp is Luffy’s grandfather — the resemblance between the 2 is a useless giveaway — whereas Dragon is Luffy’s father, however Garp by no means claims Dragon is his son. Garp particularly says that Luffy is “the child of my child,” which appears a clunky strategy to phrase it until you think about that Eiichiro Oda is intentionally avoiding gendered language for the sake of concealing the reveal.

Bodily talking, Dragon is the odd one out among the many Monkey household, missing Garp and Luffy’s Cheshire Cat grins and spherical faces. As a substitute, Dragon’s options are very angular, with a skinny, gaunt face and pointy nostril. Match that along with his lengthy, wild hair and it is a bodily description that extra intently matches Rocks than Garp.

If u/dfd2002’s idea holds true, then Dragon takes after his father in additional than simply bodily methods. Each males oppose the tyranny of the World Authorities and the Celestial Dragons, though Rocks did in order a bloodthirsty pirate who sought to build up as a lot energy as attainable. Dragon, in the meantime, appears to take action out of a way of justice, as chief of the Revolutionary Military. Xebec was essentially the most needed pirate in his lifetime, whereas Dragon is essentially the most needed felony in his. The concept of father and son main comparable lives and preventing comparable battles — regardless of having ideologically reverse causes for doing so — is a battle brimming with dramatic potential.

That is all properly and good, however his title remains to be Monkey D. Dragon. Why would he have Garp’s household title? As u/dfd2002 lays out of their publish, it isn’t unusual in Japan for a husband to undertake his spouse’s household title, in a customized known as mukoyōshi. This occurs when the spouse’s household is of extra noble standing than the husband’s — or when the husband comes from a shameful background. Because the daughter of the Marines’ biggest hero, Dragon’s spouse unquestionably comes from a better standing than the son of essentially the most notorious pirate. Xebec’s legacy was such that the World Authorities tried to wipe him from the historical past books to guard the peace, little question portray a goal on Rocks D. Dragon’s again. It makes good sense that he would undertake the Monkey title in an try to hide his identification.

Being the grandson of a villainous pirate provides a brand new dimension to Luffy’s character, too. Whereas Luffy has by no means let genetics outline him, the world pushing expectations primarily based on one’s lineage is a repeated theme in One Piece. As Woop Slap ominously ponders in Chapter 96, changing into a terrific pirate is likely to be Luffy’s future. It is a seemingly throwaway line — why would it not be Luffy’s future, because the son of a Revolutionary and grandson of a Marine, to grow to be a pirate? — until you think about that Woop Slap is aware of greater than he lets on about Luffy’s bloodline.

As for the way this reveal would affect the remainder of One Piece, the worry of letting Xebec’s inheritor grow to be the Pirate King is certain to incentivize the World Authorities to drag out all of the stops in opposition to the Straw Hats in the course of the collection’ remaining warfare. It additionally provides one other layer to Luffy and Blackbeard’s inevitable confrontation — with Blackbeard heir of Xebec’s will and Luffy heir of Xebec’s blood, Rocks’ legacy is certain to play an enormous half within the endgame.

Luffy’s parentage has been a thriller for a lot of the collection’ run. There’s nonetheless a lot readers do not learn about Dragon, and there’s subsequent to no data on Luffy’s mom. If u/dfd2002’s idea holds true, nevertheless, there’s an excellent motive Oda has stored the topic a thriller. No matter revelations await each the viewers and Luffy throughout One Piece‘s grand finale, little question it would make for a number of the most tantalizing drama within the collection.


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