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One Piece Theory: The Real Reason Nami Wears Such Revealing Outfits


In One Piece, there are only a few characters as iconic as Nami. Performing because the navigator for the Straw Hats, she even managed to put #3 within the worldwide character recognition ballot that happened earlier this yr. As a lot as followers love Nami although, they’ve had sure criticisms about her selection of outfits. This text will deal with all of them and hopefully present the solutions followers have been looking for.

Nami’s outfits have been criticized by followers for years for being too revealing and had been nothing greater than fan service. What followers might not understand is that her outfits are in some methods her biggest weapon in a battle. As a navigator, Nami makes use of her distinctive perspective and place to succeed reasonably than let it turn into a hindrance in harmful conditions.

Nami Scary to Zeus

Nami is not meant to be one of many Straw Hats’ combatants, however their navigator. On this method, her place and position are a lot completely different than nearly all of the crew. Whereas Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji are the Straw Hats’ strongest fighters, Nami has possibly saved the crew’s life extra occasions than anybody else because of her unbelievable capacity to foretell the climate. Again and again, she is the one who has saved your complete crew, possibly extra occasions than the crew has really needed to save her.

There’s the likelihood that Nami’s bare skin is responsible for her otherworldly weather-prediction abilities. Some followers theorize that the explanation she wears outfits that naked a lot pores and skin is that her pores and skin is how she senses climate patterns and modifications. Even her wished poster is her in nothing greater than a bikini. Why? Is it for fan service? Perhaps it’s, however possibly there is a deeper purpose. What if it is as a result of she’s warning your complete World Authorities and the Marines to not mess together with her super-skin.

Nami From One Piece Holding Clima-Tact

Since getting into the Grand Line, Nami’s weather-prediction talents have been instrumental in retaining the Straw Hats alive which have required her to alter her outfits consistently. Through the Water 7 saga, she modified her outfit through the Aqua Laguna storm. Whereas reprimanded by Paulie for doing so, particularly round males corresponding to himself, Nami could not perceive why it was an issue. Why could not she? It is easy. That outfit change was her method of using her energy to its fullest, which in all probability saved all their lives! Paulie must discover ways to maintain his mouth shut.

If this had been true, then her post-time skip outfit of nothing greater than a bikini prime and denims would probably be certainly one of her strongest outfits! Nami is aware of the wisest factor to do could be to make use of her energy as she wants it reasonably than use it at its most consistently. This fashion her crew would not get jealous of her superior would possibly and the Straw Hats get to have a secret trump card.

Not solely are her outfits normally fairly fashionable, however in addition they carry out a operate that retains everybody’s favourite pirate crew alive. This is not fan service. Properly, it in all probability is, BUT! It additionally may not be. It may very well be one thing higher than giving fan service. That is sequence creator Eiichiro Oda exhibiting off the ability of a real champion of the ocean. Sorry Jinbe, Nami’s obtained you beat, and sorry to Usopp as nicely. The one god on the Thousand Sunny is definitely a goddess.


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