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One Piece: Usopp’s Pop Greens Are Underrated


Whereas often relegated to the comedian reduction of One Piece, Usopp has slowly discovered his place among the many Straw Hats crew. He went from village liar and coward to sniper for one of the vital notorious pirate crews on this planet. Whereas Usopp nonetheless maintains a few of his cowardly habits, it might be unfair to say he does not deserve a spot by Luffy’s aspect. Not solely are his marksman abilities high notch, however a latest addition to his arsenal has saved the group greater than as soon as.

Throughout One Piece‘s two yr time-skip, Usopp skilled with Heracles on using Pop Greens. These little balls are seeds of rapid-growing crops that, as soon as fired, develop into numerous kinds of hostile crops from the Boin Archipelago. Usopp has taken these seeds and fires them like bullets from his slingshot Kuro Kabuto, a trick he realized from Heracles. It was whereas coaching that Usopp realized how you can use the seeds and get his physique into high bodily situation. He even added an improve to Nami’s Local weather Baton that enables her to additionally launch seeds in the same method to his slingshot.

Usopp After The Time Skip

Every Pop Inexperienced will develop beneath sure circumstances. One sort might develop when it hits the goal, one other whereas nonetheless within the air, or when triggered like a entice. To make sure he by no means runs out of ammo, Usopp has constructed himself a backyard on the Thousand Sunny the place he cultivates these crops and their seeds. Every plant has a selected use, just like the Humandrake plant which creates little humanoid mandrake sprouts that latch onto an enemy goal. Lots of the crops have offensive makes use of in One Piece, whereas others have defensive or passive results. The colour of the seed denotes which plant and kind of impact is inside.

As one of many much less highly effective members of the group, it is becoming that Usopp would make use of one thing that makes use of his personal strengths. His marksmanship is unparalleled, so having the ability to use plant seeds that develop virtually instantly is among the extra inventive options to utilizing Usopp successfully. Whereas he is not as bodily sturdy as Sanji, Zoro, Luffy, or Jinbe, he is clever and tactical. The seeds permit Usopp to assault from distance, but in addition in nearer fight. All he’d must do is drop a seed that might permit him sufficient time to withdraw or break free.

Usopp will in all probability by no means turn into as sturdy as his pals in One Piece, however that does not make him weak. It simply means he has to search out different methods of being efficient in fight. Whereas he acts because the long-range fighter, it is vital for him to have a defensive possibility when opponents shut in. The Pop Greens give Usopp extra versatility as a fighter. Given his penchant for tinkering, he may ultimately create new weapons with them for himself and his crew mates, particularly with Franky’s assist. He is already upgraded Nami’s weapon to make the most of the Pop Greens, so it is fully doable that he may additional increase on this.


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