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One Piece: Which Straw Hat Has the Best Combat Abilities?


If you are going to have any hope of surviving One Piece‘s Grand Line — not to mention changing into the Pirate King — it is advisable to have a versatile set of fight talents and abilities. And that does not imply simply with the ability to stretch your limbs the size of a galleon.

The Straw Hat Pirates are a gaggle of proficient people, every with strengths and weaknesses. Let’s try to discern which of those 10 pirates has probably the most adaptable combating fashion that makes them probably the most succesful, irrespective of the scenario. Take note, this isn’t about who’s the strongest, however whose talents are most versatile and relevant in any given struggle.

Let’s begin with Nami and her Climtact. With her climate manipulation weapon, Nami can manifest billowing winds and name upon thunderstorms, even indoors. She’s intelligent sufficient to have the ability to swap locations with a mirage duplicate of herself when her enemy’s distracted, and with Zeus now residing in her weapon, she will deal bodily injury by having the homie manipulate the Climtact’s form. Nami’s talents are greatest suited to taking out swarms of enemies directly, nonetheless — the navigator has extra hassle in opposition to a single, extra resilient enemy.

On the flip aspect, Robin’s satan fruit talents are a severe contender for most adaptable combative potential. So long as her opponent has a backbone or neck to interrupt, Robin will all the time have a transparent method to victory along with her Flower-Flower fruit talents. The one time the rug has been pulled out from underneath her in One Piece is with Moria, who was capable of swap locations along with his shadow doppelganger.

Luffy could come as the obvious alternative, and with good motive, as he is fought and defeated numerous highly effective foes throughout his journey. The best way his Gum-Gum fruit powers have developed and developed alongside him, permitting for some artistic and highly effective methods and talents, is past commendable. Luffy’s haki potential is nothing to scoff at both — even in Wano, he is discovered methods to advance his ability stage with this energy. Nevertheless, like all satan fruit person, Luffy has his weaknesses. Regardless of his tenacity and dedication, no quantity of coaching will negate his weak spot to seawater or sea prism stone.

Jimbei from One Piece Punching

Although the likes of Sanji’s Raid Swimsuit, Brook’s satan fruit powers, and Franky’s Battle Frankies are all certainly highly effective, they every include respective drawbacks in sure conditions. Due to this fact, the best contenders for most versatile combative talents within the Straw Hats are most likely Zoro and Jimbei. Neither possesses satan fruits, so that they don’t have any outward weaknesses to talk of. Each even have large aptitude with Busoshoku Haki; Jimbei was capable of struggle Ace for 5 complete days when he first met the Flame-Flame Fruit person. He was additionally capable of coat his total physique in Haki, a feat solely a uncommon few possess. Alternatively, Zoro can fully coat all three of his swords in Busoshoku Haki directly and was even capable of lower the mountain-sized Pica in half, regardless of his Stone-Stone fruit powers.

Their bodily talents are additionally well-suited for One Piece‘s life on the excessive sea. On prime of his wonderful haki potential, Jimbei is a Fishman and a grasp in Fishman Karate, making him prepared to struggle any kind of satan fruit person. He may even capsize ships by manipulating the ocean waves. Zoro can be always testing the boundaries of what he can lower. Whether or not or not it’s man, machine, and even nature, Zoro has by no means faltered on the subject of testing his metal in opposition to something that stands in his method.

Put merely, Zoro and Jimbei have the broadest methods relevant to any scenario the Straw Hats encounter in One Piece. Of the 2, you would possibly say Zoro edges it a bit since Jimbei is just at his peak underwater, however you would be sorely mistaken for those who suppose Jimbei cannot receive victory on dry land too — his victory over Who’s-Who’s proof of that.


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