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One Piece: Who Is Luffy’s Father?


There’s not quite a bit we do not learn about One Piece‘s protagonist Monkey D. Luffy. Nonetheless, for the longest time, followers did not know who his father was. Many speculated that he was the son of Gol D. Roger, the earlier King of the Pirates, however as that was disproven, his parentage remained a thriller. Luffy was raised by his grandfather Monkey D. Garp alongside Portgas D. Ace and Sabo, and his father was by no means actually introduced up. However ultimately, we lastly bought to satisfy the person.

Monkey D. Dragon is the son of Garp and the daddy of Luffy. He is named the “World’s Worst Criminal” and he’s the Supreme Commander of the Revolutionary Military. His purpose is to overthrow the present World Authorities with a view to undo the oppression that it imposes on the widespread citizen. As the military’s chief, he has the help of many nations that oppose the systematic oppression of the World Authorities. He holds the respect of his total military, regardless of his secretiveness about his household and previous.

Whereas Dragon was by no means really part of Luffy’s life, he nonetheless clearly cares for his son. Ivankov notes that Dragon always appears in direction of the East Blue, as if somebody he loves lives there. Regardless of his look and stern nature, he cares about these near him. He’s supportive of Luffy’s standing as a pirate and his dream of changing into the Pirate King. When it was revealed to everybody that he’s the daddy of Luffy, his comrades did all the pieces they may to guard Luffy when he tried an escape from Impel Down.

It isn’t recognized why precisely he left Luffy within the care of Garp, however he would don’t have any contact with both one till seventeen years later, when he encounters Luffy. It might be that his father’s connection to the Marines drove Dragon away, however why he left Luffy with him is a thriller. Whereas Garp is loyal to Dragon and Luffy, he’s equally as loyal to the Marines. He would not imagine that bloodlines decide one’s destiny, and that being a prison would not make somebody a foul particular person. This was confirmed when he left his grandsons with a mountain bandit named Curly Dadan. It might be that this, together with the truth that Garp additionally despises the nobles of the World Authorities, is why Dragon entrusted his father to maintain Luffy.

Whereas Dragon was an absent father to the purpose that Luffy neither cared nor puzzled about him, he’s proven to like his household, together with his father Garp. Whereas his causes for leaving are a thriller, it would not appear to matter as his actions within the current appear to be extra vital. Luffy has accepted that Dragon is his father, and would not dwell on what may have been, in order that’s that. Dragon helps his son’s goals and actions, and he desires to make the world a greater place for everybody. So whereas he wasn’t an excellent father or mother, that does not imply he is a foul particular person.


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