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One Piece: Why Are the Marines So Awful?


Whereas pirates take the primary stage in One Piece, one of many recurring antagonists for the Straw Hats is the Marines. The Marines serve the World Authorities and keep the order of issues as they at present are, for each higher and worse. Regardless of their standing as keepers of the peace, additionally they undergo from deep corruption — because the higher-ups are a number of the strongest individuals on this planet, they’re one of the highly effective teams of the story.

The Marines are sometimes depicted as being horrible individuals, profiting from those that depend on them for security. The Marines take this reliance without any consideration and abuse the cities they’re stationed in. Whereas not each single Marine is a horrible human being, the overwhelming majority of them are. Probably the most vulnerable to corruption are these closest to the the Aristocracy of the World Authorities. Many occasions, they abuse not solely residents but additionally their very own males. Having to go up towards pirates in a relentless bid to maintain the order of issues, these are a number of the hardest fighters on this planet.

Marines At Marineford

One of many largest examples of this corruption is Admiral Akainu. Rumored to be probably the most hated character in your complete sequence, he’s a main instance of energy going to at least one’s head and never understanding the true that means of justice. As a substitute, he follows the doctrine of Absolute Justice, that means that he’ll punish anybody caught breaking the regulation, regardless of the circumstances. Many Marines observe this doctrine, considering they’re the one power of excellent on this planet. There aren’t any shades of grey to them, and pirates — together with anybody who helps them — have to be destroyed in any respect prices.

The leaders of the World Authorities do nothing to cease this mentality and abuse, because it helps them keep in energy. And not using a system of checks and balances, the 2 corrupt forces oppress the individuals they’re supposed to guide and shield. The upper-ups solely achieve their positions when the leaders deem it so, no matter whether or not the promotion is actually earned. They solely search to advertise those that will preserve their very own corrupt legal guidelines in place. Due to this, the members of the Marines who’re given positions of energy abuse it, conscious that no one will cease them.

Akainu attacks Shanks

With such a corrupt system in place, it is no marvel the Marines are so hated among the many widespread residents. Whereas there are individuals like Koby who’re attempting to alter the system from inside, it is exhausting when even the world leaders refuse to do something to quell the abuse. Though some need the Marines to be a power for good and alter, that dream appears very far off given the present state of affairs. The townsfolk cannot do a lot towards them as a result of a number of of the admirals are Satan Fruit customers, genetically enhanced or simply unbelievably sturdy — the common individual due to this fact is not possible to have the ability to take them on. Nevertheless, with Luffy so near defeating Kaido and Huge Mother, change could finally be on the horizon.


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