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Pokémon: Brock Caught a Tauros – Here’s Why We Never Saw It


The Pokémon anime has been working for a very long time, and each human characters and Pokémon have come and gone. Whereas all of Ash’s touring companions have Pokémon that they continuously use, lots of them have Pokémon which might be not often seen, getting used solely as soon as or by no means. Nonetheless, no Pokémon is as uncommon as Brock’s Tauros, as he’s by no means seen utilizing it.

Episode 35 of the Pokémon anime, “The Legend of Miniryu”, sees Ash, Brock and Misty arrive on the Safari Zone, a wild Pokémon protect. On this enclosure, trainers are given 30 Safari Balls with which to catch Pokémon. Ash and his buddies discover the zone and spot quite a few Pokémon. Each time Ash makes an attempt to catch a Pokémon although, one thing occurs and he by chance catches a Tauros as a substitute. By the tip of the episode, Ash has used 29 of his 30 Safari Balls on Tauros. Nevertheless, the final ball was utilized by Brock, who catches a Tauros of his personal.

Pokemon Kaiser Points Gun At Ash

If this episode does not sound acquainted to you, it’s because it is considered one of many banned Pokémon episodes that have been by no means dubbed or proven in America. The warden of the Safari Zone, Kaiser, carries a revolver, which he’s seen brandishing at a number of factors in the course of the episode. Famously, within the first act, he goals the gun at Ash’s head whereas explaining what occurs to individuals who break the principles within the Safari Zone. Later within the episode, James can also be seen holding this firearm to Kaiser’s head to maintain him nonetheless whereas Crew Rocket interrogates him concerning the location of a Dratini. Clearly, U.S. networks closely disapproved of this harmful gun use and refused to air the episode, so it by no means acquired a translation and hasn’t been seen exterior of Japan. Which means, to American viewers, Ash randomly acquires a complete herd of Tauros with zero clarification.

However why is Brock’s Tauros by no means seen once more? On the finish of the episode, Ash sends the entire Tauros he is caught to Professor Oak’s lab, inflicting the poor professor to get hit with a large stampede and suggesting that Brock’s Tauros was despatched to Oak with the remainder of them. This might suggest that Brock merely did not need the Tauros he caught and determined to repeat Ash, maybe discovering the thought humorous.

Pokemon James Points Gun At Kaiser

Nonetheless, it needs to be famous that the ball Brock used to catch the Tauros belonged to Ash, because it was one of many 30 Safari Balls he was given when he entered the Safari Zone. Which means, whereas Brock threw the ball, the captured Pokémon belongs to Ash. Nevertheless, nothing would have prevented Ash from transferring possession of the Tauros to Brock with Professor Oak’s assist, which means that both Brock did not need the Pokémon or Ash merely wished to maintain the herd for himself.

Brock’s Tauros is an enchanting little bit of Pokémon trivia on account of its hyperlink to a banned episode and the truth that it raises attention-grabbing questions on how the Safari Zone and the Pokémon world as a complete function. For the reason that collection by no means touches on the formal legal guidelines and guidelines surrounding Pokémon possession and the utilization of Poké Balls, issues like this are left as much as fan hypothesis.


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