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Pokémon: Goh’s Legendary Capture Is Pretty Inconsequential


WARNING: The next accommodates spoilers for Episode 53 of Pokémon Journeys, “Healing the Healer!,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Goh has been a reasonably controversial character throughout his time in Pokémon Journeys, thanks largely to the overall ease with which he captures wild Pokémon. In Episode 53, “Healing the Healer!,” his capacity to catch Pokémon with out battling them reaches peak absurdity when Goh captures a Legendary Pokémon, Suicune. That is the first-ever occasion of one of many major characters catching a Legendary Pokémon, but it is surprisingly meaningless within the grand scale of issues.

Within the anime, catching a Legendary Pokémon has all the time been a nigh-impossible feat that mechanically makes any coach who manages it one of the crucial highly effective trainers on this planet. Whereas Goh actually loves gathering Pokémon, he not often battles anybody apart from Crew Rocket. Goh’s seize of Suicune is neither spectacular nor impactful for numerous causes, not the least of which is how simply he accomplishes this normally outstanding feat.

Goh Suicune

The Suicune itself would not seem like very sturdy, contemplating that it was simply and repeatedly captured in a easy web by a gaggle of criminals and struggled to defeat a mere Weezing. With a purpose to rescue the struggling Suicune, Goh has the (admittedly sensible) concept of throwing a Poké Ball at it. The thought being that when it inevitably escapes, it would reemerge from the Poké Ball safely exterior of the online that it had been trapped in. Nonetheless, to the shock of everybody, together with Goh and Ash, the Poké Ball efficiently captures Suicune.

It is fairly anticlimactic that Goh, in essence, caught Suicune accidentally. Ultimately, Ash and Goh efficiently defeat the criminals and Goh positive aspects Suicune’s belief by nursing it again to well being after it had been poisoned. Admirably, Goh makes an attempt to launch Suicune in order that it might proceed its journey world wide, purifying polluted water. Surprisingly, Suicune refuses to be launched and decides to stay Goh’s Pokémon.

Goh's Suicune at Cerise Laboratory in Pokemon Master Journeys

Now that Goh has a Suicune at his beck and name, he must be one of the crucial highly effective trainers on this planet, proper? Flawed. As soon as Goh takes Suicune again to Cerise Laboratory, the place he retains the remainder of his Pokémon, Suicune promptly vanishes. Goh explains that Suicune has gone to roam the world, however it would all the time be with him in spirit. Although the co-lead of the collection has efficiently captured a Legendary Pokémon, it is clear that issues can be returning to the established order within the following episode.

There was no indication that Goh’s Suicune will ever return to the collection, making it unclear what the purpose of Suicune “staying his Pokémon” within the first place was. Provided that Goh doesn’t partake in Pokémon battling, there is no hazard of him being too overpowered due to his Suicune. The thought of one of many collection regulars possessing a Legendary Pokémon is not too far-fetched anymore, given Pokémon Journeys‘ observe document of being a wish-fulfillment collection. Sadly for Goh and his Suicune, Ash’s behavior of releasing or gifting away highly effective Pokémon seems to be contagious.


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