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Pokémon: The Real Reason Ash’s Pikachu Is So Overpowered


For the reason that unique adaptation aired in 1997, Ash’s Pikachu has all the time been by his aspect on his nearly thirty-year quest to grow to be the best Pokémon grasp. With Ash main the way in which, Pikachu has managed to defeat fairly robust opponents regardless of being a pre-evolution type of Raichu. Even regular Raichu pale compared to the ability of Ash’s Pikachu. So what made his Pikachu so particular? Why was it a lot extra highly effective than its friends? Three totally different theories could reply this stunning inquiry.

Ash’s Pikachu Has At all times Been Highly effective

As seen within the first episode of the collection, Ash’s Pikachu used a thunderbolt highly effective sufficient to defeat a complete military of Spearow. Though Spearow is weak towards electrical sorts, these Spearow had been probably on the identical stage as Ash’s Pikachu was on the time. This could have made it not possible for Ash’s Pikachu to have displayed such an impressive quantity of energy, particularly throughout its first encounter. Even Professor Oak talked about there was a “problem” with Pikachu earlier than he gave it to Ash however does not clarify what he means. This ambiguous downside would possibly really have referred to an extra {of electrical} era, which is not essentially a nasty factor, to start with.

Ash Powered Pikachu Up

Within the second episode of the unique anime, Pikachu was receiving therapy at a Pokémon middle after the battle with the Spearow in episode 1. So as to regain its energy, a horde of Pikachu charged it with electrical energy. As soon as Ash’s Pikachu was again in preventing form, it requested much more energy, and that want was granted. Earlier than defeating Crew Rocket, Pikachu harnessed much more energy by means of Misty’s pedal-powered bike gentle. This will likely have had a everlasting impact on the beloved mascot, and even Crew Rocket famous that Ash’s Pikachu is uncommon as they had been defeated. Pikachu’s electrical prowess is once more demonstrated in Episode 5 when it’s seen overloading a hydroelectric powerplant in preparation for a rematch with Rock-type health club chief, Brock.

One other principle floating round suggests Ash’s Pikachu was highly effective as a result of Ash himself had a robust persona. It’s stated that Pokémon who’re shut with their trainers adapt the identical persona. Since Ash is such a go-getter and intensely decided for final greatness, naturally his Pikachu would have the identical willpower.

Pikachu is Maxed Out

Pikachu and Ash have been by one another’s aspect for a very long time. As they each are decided to grow to be the best that the world has ever seen, they absolutely could be engaged on maxing out stats just like the IVs and EVs within the sport. There is no such thing as a query that Ash’s Pikachu could be maxed out at stage 100 if it was depicted within the video video games, however it’s unconfirmed if the anime follows these identical guidelines. There have been mentions of gaining ranges within the anime, however there is no such thing as a affirmation of whether or not or not there’s a stage cap much like the video games themselves.

There is no such thing as a query that Ash’s Pikachu is an effective match for Ash. Being the protagonist of the collection, it’s important that he has an appropriate associate Pokémon to meet his final objective of being a Pokémon grasp. Whether or not it’s by default, or by means of powering up, or by means of the cumulative years of coaching collectively, Ash’s Pikachu is unquestionably no peculiar Pikachu.


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