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Pokémon Theory: Ash’s Pikachu Got Its Incredible Power in Episode 1


Pokémon has one main unsolved thriller surrounding Ash’s Pikachu. For some motive, Pikachu is much extra highly effective than different wild Pikachu. In actual fact, it is so highly effective that Crew Rocket desperately desires to steal it. Nonetheless, it has by no means been defined why this particular Pikachu is so sturdy — though a number of followers have theories, one in all which factors to the very first episode of the anime.

5 years in the past, Reddit person u/Nachington went on Reddit’s fan theory subreddit to recommend that the rationale Ash’s Pikachu is so highly effective will be discovered within the first episode of the anime. On this episode, referred to as “Pokémon – I Choose You!”, Ash is first launched to Pikachu and the pair set out on their journey. At first, Ash and Pikachu do not get on, resulting in Ash and a number of other bystanders getting electrical shocks. Nonetheless, whereas touring, Ash angers a Spearow and is chased by a whole flock of birds. He tries to flee on Misty’s bike, however the Spearow flock makes Ash crash earlier than surrounding him. Pikachu, moved by Ash’s want to avoid wasting him, jumps into the air to assault however will get struck by lightning whereas within the air. This strike boosts the facility of Pikachu’s Thunder Shock assault, inflicting it to decimate the Spearow flock in a single blow.

Within the subsequent episode, Crew Rocket makes their first look. Whereas Pikachu is harm, he’s healed when the Pokémon Heart’s backup energy system, a horde of Pikachu, surrounds him and provides him an electrical shock. After this, Pikachu requests that Ash give him extra energy. Pikachu then absorbs the facility from Misty’s pedal-powered bike mild earlier than stunning Crew Rocket. After escaping, Crew Rocket notes that Ash’s Pikachu could be very uncommon and never like different Pikachu, suggesting that even at this level, this explicit Pokémon is extra highly effective than others.

This really matches the idea completely. If Pikachu can take in electrical vitality and energy itself up, then a lightning strike, which tends to include round 300 million volts, would undoubtedly make it ludicrously sturdy. It could additionally get Pikachu’s physique used to giant quantities of energy, permitting it to retailer extra electrical vitality than common. A number of different elements of the sequence again up this studying of the scenario, as we see Pikachu absorbing energy from objects a number of occasions. Probably the most notable of those occasions happens in Episode 5. Whereas getting ready for his rematch with Brock, Ash hooks Pikachu as much as a hydroelectric powerplant to spice up his energy. This finally causes Pikachu to overload the generator. Nonetheless, it ought to be famous that the river is dry, so Ash generates the facility by bodily shifting the turbine. This means that Pikachu will need to have plenty of pure electrical vitality to overload a generator designed to deal with powerplant energy ranges.


Nonetheless, some particulars detract from this concept. In Episode 1, as an example, each Ash’s mother and Professor Oak notice that Pikachu is uncommon, and Oak even says there’s a downside with Pikachu however does not elaborate additional. Later in the identical episode, Pikachu shocks a large crowd of individuals and knocks them down, simply as he does to Crew Rocket in Episode 2. Nonetheless, he hadn’t absorbed energy beforehand, suggesting that he already has a robust Thunder Shock assault earlier than the lightning strike.

Is Pikachu’s immense energy as a result of lightning strike, or is he naturally stronger than common? Whereas we’ll by no means know for positive, it does make for some compelling fan theories that permit viewers to look at the Pokémon world from an entire new perspective. Pokémon‘s many episodes make it moderately simple to craft fan theories, and that is all a part of the enjoyable of on-line fandom, as everybody can provide you with and share their very own private theories with the world.


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