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Pokémon’s Controversial Past With Nazi Imagery, Explained


The Pokémon franchise has had a litany of controversies and scandals through the years, each involving its video video games and its nearly as long-running anime collection. Maybe considered one of its most unknown controversies stems from the franchise’s uncommon relationship with swastikas and Nazi imagery.

Not solely have the Pokémon card and video video games been accused of harboring Nazi symbols, however the anime even had Crew Rocket seemingly hailing Hitler. In comparison with all the opposite tales involving blackface and epilepsy, this one has gone comparatively unremembered. This is the historical past of the Nintendo franchise and its random callbacks to the Third Reich.

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Nazi Imagery Within the Pokémon Video games

The primary instance of supposed Nazi imagery within the collection was within the buying and selling card recreation, the place the cardboard “Koga’s Ninja Trick” featured a swastika. This image was after all the basic swastika of Japanese religions, which has nothing to do with Nazis or antisemitism. Its generic use in Japanese media represents Buddhism and mysticism, therefore it additionally being on a card involving ninja trickery. Regardless of this, Westerners discovered the unique imagery doubtlessly offensive, which led to the picture being modified to a extra generic image on the worldwide card print.

Within the video video games Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Registeel has a stance in battle that has it elevating its arm as if in a salute. This sprite was within the Japanese, Korean and even English variations of the sport, but it surely was modified for the European launch. This was attributable to its resemblance to a Nazi salute, which noticed the European launch getting a brand new sprite the place each of Registeel’s arms are down by its sides. This sprite was later utilized in all releases of Platinum.

Nazi Imagery Within the Anime

The episode “All Things Bright & Beautifly” from Pokémon the Sequence: Ruby and Sapphire is not a very well-remembered one, but it surely does comprise the anime’s entry into the franchise’s Nazi legacy. The episode features a section wherein Crew Rocket flunkies Jessie, James and Meowth fantasize that they’ve gained a Pokemon Contest, which was an idea launched in that technology of the video games.

The difficulty with this section is that they are proven surrounded by different members of Crew Rocket as all of them increase their fingers in a cultish, Nazi-esque salute. This was modified within the English dub of the episode, with the Crew Rocket mooks not elevating their fingers. Meowth, Jessie and James nonetheless are, nonetheless, making the censorship considerably questionable.

Nonetheless, this episode is not almost as infamous as “Denno Senshi Porygon,” which induced a number of kids to have epileptic seizures. The scenario surrounding Jynx and its considerably racist unique design is healthier identified. The truth is, Jynx was even faraway from this episode within the English model attributable to a scene using its unique, darker design. The extra lax and forgettable nature of this edit might have stemmed from the truth that, whereas nonetheless extremely standard, the preliminary mania behind the Pokémon franchise had positively died down considerably; the episode came about in the course of the third technology of the collection, which is the place lots of its first followers who beloved the unique technology had begun to develop out of it, particularly within the West. Thus, the legacy of offensive content material had rather a lot fewer eyes on it to note.


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