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Promised Neverland Artist Reveals New Character Details


Posuka Demizu, the artist and co-creator of the hit Shonen Bounce manga The Promised Neverland, answered questions concerning the sequence and its characters whereas drawing heroes Emma, Norman and Ray in a video from Viz Media.

The video, posted in full on Youtube and abridged on Twitter, solutions many questions, each about Demizu’s collaborative course of with author Kaiu Shirai and concerning the story and characters of The Promised Neverland. When requested about how totally different Emma is from the usual Shonen Bounce protagonist, each when it comes to gender and persona, and what Demizu’s targets had been in creating such a distinct type of hero. Demizu answered, “Thinking about it, I didn’t have any goals per se. [Kaiu] Shirai Sensei’s story naturally needed the existence of a character like Emma, so she was very natural to draw. It wasn’t necessary for her to be doing special fight moves or attacks.” The distinctive qualities may be defined partly by the artist’s totally different experiences: “I was originally with non-Jump magazines, so maybe I didn’t feel it was necessary to follow that Jump style.”

Demizu additionally offered an in depth reply about her strategy to designing the demon world: “I try to come up with as many ideas as possible, and have them narrowed down. This was when the series was ongoing, so I didn’t have much time… Emma’s culture is heavily influenced by Western culture, so I used Eastern and non-Western influences as the demons’ culture. Although I did consider something space-influenced, I ended up choosing to incorporate elements from cultures we are all familiar with.” Demizu notes particular influences from journeys to Thailand, Africa and Korea.

Surprisingly, Demizu says she is just not a fan of the horror style generally regardless of being repeatedly assigned to attract horror manga, however when one query praised her manga’s skill to scare each kids and adults, she responded, “I think I’m a little happy about that…” When requested what jobs The Promised Neverland‘s predominant characters would have in the event that they grew up within the human world, she answered, “Emma would be a teacher. Ray would be a researcher. Norman is so smart that he would become the CEO of a company, sell it and live an easy life.” Thoma and Lannion are the 2 characters Demizu empathizes probably the most with.

On the finish of the video, Demizu signed her drawing with the English message, “Thank you for supporting the manga & anime! More to come!!” Demizu confirms in her remaining reply that she is engaged on extra manga with Shirau, however what precisely that “more” consists of is unsure. Whereas Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu have written many bonus chapters of The Promised Neverland, the primary manga sequence is over, and the second season of the anime rushed forward to the conclusion. Shirai and Demizu have drawn a number of one-shots collectively since The Promised Neverland‘s conclusion (most not too long ago the sci-fi manga D3), so maybe the “more to come” message is not about The Promised Neverland particularly however the duo’s continued creative collaboration.

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