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Ranking The Best N64 Games


On this video, we go over one of the best video games that the Nintendo 64 needed to provide over its total lifetime. From the weirdness of Grunty’s Lair in Banjo-Kazooie to the house journey of Starfox 64, the 64 period was crammed with basic worlds to find and discover. Not solely that, however with video games like Tremendous Mario 64, the N64 helped to outline what 3D gaming might turn into. Much more, video games like Mario Kart 64 set the template for long-running sequence which have dominated total genres.

For this rating, we have a look at every thing from the multiplayer insanity of Goldeneye 007 to the darkish themes of Majora’s Masks to the horrors of Resident Evil 2… and it’s graphics. Even additional, we spotlight some underappreciated gems like Conker’s Unhealthy Fur Day… although we hope you’ll forgive us if we overlook to speak about Superman 64.

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