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RE-MAIN: Minato Finally Starts Working With His Team to Get Their First Win


WARNING: The next accommodates spoilers for RE-MAIN Episode 11, “Pass! Pass to Me!,” now streaming on Funimation.

In Episode 11 of RE-MAIN, Minato makes a big breakthrough along with his new group. He has been struggling to reconcile his two sides: the ruthless, egocentric, exceptionally proficient Minato from his junior excessive days and the earnest, vibrant, post-accident Minato who has misplaced all of his athleticism. There are folks round him who bemoan the truth that the previous Minato is gone and there are different folks, particularly on his group, who miss the latter as a result of he was a a lot nicer particular person to be round. However, now that they are of their first recreation of the match, Minato and his group determine to work with either side of the polo prodigy to eke out a win.

The primary group up in opposition to Group Unusual is Rikka Academy, a group Minato performed in center faculty. Minato mocks them, however Toyama factors out that each of the groups have modified and Minato’s is not as sturdy because it was. Minato rapidly sizes up his teammates and decides that he’ll have to hold many of the weight in scoring, given the disparity in talent between him and the remainder of the group.

re-main minato blocked

Because the whistle indicators the beginning of the sport, Minato rapidly finds himself boxed in by each participant besides the keeper. As quickly as their time runs out, Rikka Academy takes benefit of Group Unusual’s flustering and scores the primary purpose. Quickly, Rikka Academy scores one other three objectives, making it four-nil. Minato will get pissed off and despondent however, unexpectedly, Eitaro comes up with an concept.

Regardless of Minato getting blocked, Eitaro is aware of that Minato would have the ability to obtain his go since he can bounce larger than anybody else. They offer it a try to it succeeds for probably the most half: Minato manages to swipe his hand on the ball and knocks it to the online just for it to hit the banister.

Minato realizes that he severely underestimated his teammates. He thought that they would not have the ability to catch as much as him and, in his vanity, uncared for to see that they’ve all been working arduous and bettering within the quick time that they’ve been working collectively. The group is shocked when Minato unexpectedly would not blame them however comes up with methods that play to every of their strengths: Ejiri will shoot, Amihama will out-swim everybody, Babayaro and Ushimado will proceed to defend, and Minato will draw his opponents away from his teammates, giving them area to shoot.

re-main eitaro scores the win

It really works nice. They rapidly tie the sport and, with fifteen seconds left on the clock, Eitaro passes to Amihama and races to the entrance, pondering to drag Minato’s defender away so Minato can rating. On the final second, Minato clears the way in which, and with Minato’s encouragement, Eitaro scores the successful level.

Jo has all the time had a troubled relationship along with his father and, since his mom’s dying, they have been distant. After waffling over asking his father to attend his first recreation, Jo decides to depart him a letter telling him about it. His father races to the sport, ditching work, to look at his son block a purpose.

It is a tremendous second for everybody and an enormous increase in confidence for the group. It is the primary time that they’ve actively labored collectively as a unit. It is also the primary time that Minato has ever regarded his group as his equals and realized {that a} recreation cannot be received on his own- – they must depend on one another. With out his different self’s movies, Minato may not have ever realized that. Subsequent week’s finale has Group Unusual going through their formidable opponents at Shogakukan. Will the emotions of their first victory carry them to win their subsequent?


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