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Seven Deadly Sins: A 3,000 Years-Long Con Is Full of Shocking Revelations


WARNING: The next accommodates spoilers for The Seven Lethal Sins: Dragon’s Judgment Half 2, now streaming on Netflix.

The ultimate season of The Seven Lethal Sins saved one in all its most surprising twists for the very finish. After the Demon King’s defeat, the Sins have fun that they’ve every achieved their very own objectives and notice they don’t know what Merlin’s purpose is. Merlin obligingly transports everybody again to the Lake of Magic, the place they overcame the Demon King, and divulges her surprising plan that is been 3,000 years within the making.

Merlin has at all times been probably the most mysterious member of the Seven Lethal Sins. Her unbelievable energy as a mage was borderline too handy for somebody who seemingly by no means skilled any form of development as a personality. Because it seems, a lot of the collection has been part of Merlin’s lengthy con — proper all the way down to the formation of the Seven Lethal Sins. Let’s break down probably the most surprising revelations from Merlin’s massive reveal.

Arthur Is Resurrected because the King of Chaos

Arthur gains the power of Chaos in The Seven Deadly Sins

Chaos is the identify of the last word energy and the creating power of every little thing within the universe in The Seven Lethal Sins. It created the Demon King, Supreme Deity, the Sacred Tree, Giants, and People. Chaos is an ever-changing power with no given kind, and Merlin resurrects Arthur to be its ruler. The Priestess of Chaos, an entity that inhabits the Lake of Magic, confirms that solely a human of its personal selecting could be the ruler of Chaos.

After Merlin revives Arthur, he’s instantly endowed with the ability of Chaos. His personal emotional state has the ability to change the very cloth of actuality. This improvement makes Arthur probably the most highly effective being within the historical past of The Seven Lethal Sins, as Chaos is claimed to own darkness that even the Demon King fears, and lightweight that even the Supreme Deity worships. Merlin intends to make use of Arthur and Chaos’ energy to construct a brand new, everlasting kingdom in Britannia.

Hawk Mama Is Truly Chaos’ Jail

Hawk Mama is revealed to be the prison of Chaos in The Seven Deadly Sins

After Chaos created the human race, the Demon King and Supreme Deity turned fearful it will now not have use for them and agreed to seal Chaos away. It seems, they did so by making a golem resembling an enormous, inexperienced pig. When Hawk and Hawk Mama tried to depart the battlefield after the defeat of the Demon King, Hawk Mama stopped and stared on the Lake of Magic, refusing to budge, apparently sensing that Chaos was about to be freed. Visibly reacting to the unleashing of Chaos, Hawk Mama’s physique deflated as the ability of Chaos relocated inside Arthur.

Merlin Has Been Enjoying Meliodas from the Begin

Merlin reveals she has been playing Meliodas from the start in The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Lethal Sins’ Merlin was born as a toddler prodigy in an historical metropolis of mages known as Belialuin over 3,000 years in the past. As a toddler, in the future she encountered Meliodas exterior the town and fell in love with him. She determined to tackle the type of a phenomenal lady and froze her physique that means eternally, solely to have her coronary heart damaged when Meliodas returned to go to her with Elizabeth at his aspect. Crushed, Merlin spent the remainder of her life attempting to fill the opening in her coronary heart by gaining extra magic and energy, till in the future she realized of the existence of Chaos.

In all their 3,000 years collectively, Merlin by no means informed Meliodas about Chaos — a lot much less her plan to free it — and started orchestrating occasions. She sabotaged her personal time-stopping magic, which allowed the Demon King to be freed, and directed Meliodas to fireside the Sins’ last transfer towards the Demon King into the Lake of Magic, giving the Lake the ability she would want to later revive Arthur. Worst of all, Merlin reactivated Elizabeth’s curse after Meliodas had lifted it.

Merlin reasoned that although she saved Elizabeth from the curse, she wanted it lively to encourage Meliodas to kill the Demon King, because the Demon King’s loss of life was essential to free Chaos from its jail. The formation of the Seven Lethal Sins within the first place was Merlin’s concept, and they’re all shocked to study that it was all simply a part of her plan to free Chaos. Merlin will not be seen once more after liberating Chaos and leaving with Arthur, leaving it within the air if the opposite Sins forgive her — or if she even forgives herself for utilizing them.


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