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Shaman King: Ryu’s Evolution Is Impressive But Heartbreaking


WARNING: The next comprises spoilers for Season 1 of Shaman King (2021), now streaming on Netflix.

Within the Shaman King reboot, Ryu initially comes off as a jerk, womanizing and wanting to be the largest gangster in Japan. Nevertheless, after protagonist Yoh Asakura knocks some sense into him, Ryu begins viewing the world in another way. It culminates in Manta taking his wood sword to assist Yoh in a battle, which ultimately results in Ryu seeing issues in another way and understanding the idea of household. Nevertheless, as Season 1 unfolds, Ryu’s story of evolution and redemption additionally finally ends up feeling very heartbreaking.

Ryu did not like inadvertently serving to Manta and Yoh because it checked his ego. Nevertheless, his life modifications after the spirit Tokageroh, a bandit from centuries in the past, possesses him and needs to take out Yoh’s spirit, the swordsman Amidamaru. Ryu learns about compassion and hope by this battle, maturing and eager to eke out a life with extra which means.

As Shaman King goes on, Ryu befriends Yoh’s squad and is named upon when a disillusioned Yoh goes again to the Asakura clan to degree up. Yoh’s future as a Chosen One meant to transcend into the Shaman Kingdom and probably turn out to be a god is weighing closely, so he enters a cave to hunt objective. Satirically, Manta grabs Ryu — who seems to be a medium as properly — and so they head to the cave to persuade Yoh to come back again to the sunshine.

Ryu will get distracted although, ogling Tamao and forgetting how he might be one thing extra. Nonetheless, her spirits Ponchi and Konchi assault Ryu to show him a lesson, leaving Manta and Yoh to patch up their very own bond. The unhappy factor is, Shaman King makes it look like all of them return to town, when in truth it forgets Ryu in Asakura territory.

It really works out for him, nonetheless, as Ryu was capable of prepare with Yomei, Yoh’s grandfather, and unlock extra powers of his personal. It is why he is now a talented fighter, with Tokageroh bonded to him as they search to make an impression within the Shaman Combat match. Everyone seems to be impressed as they by no means anticipated Ryu to be this adept in battle, however the issue is, he would not really feel like a valued character.

Shaman King simply focuses on Manta as Yoh’s little buddy, however Ryu sacrificed loads to assist out. He turned the laughing inventory of his personal goons, who felt he was a traitor and would fail with these youngsters, however Ryu brushed all that off to assist Yoh.

Nonetheless, he is not accepted as a lot and would not really feel like a part of the crew, which even he admits as Yoh would not supply up a honest apology. This unwitting betrayal may encourage Ryu, nonetheless — when the time comes and so they need to battle one another on the competitors, he could possibly separate friendship extra simply and go for the win in opposition to people who ought to have embraced his loyalty.


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