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Star Wars Confirmed Palpatine’s Return Was Luke Skywalker’s Fault


The next incorporates spoilers for Star Wars: Shadow of the Sith, on sale June 28.

When Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker revealed the return of Emperor Palpatine, the bombshell left followers divided. Some had been digging the nostalgia and an opportunity to see the Sith Lord in motion once more. However many discovered it gimmicky, particularly after earlier films formed Snoke as the brand new villain, not hinting on the Emperor being a puppet grasp.

That mentioned, Palpatine had a terrifying plan: elevate a brand new fleet to enslave the galaxy whereas turning into stronger than ever by harnessing Rey’s energy. Fortunately, Rey stopped her grandfather, gaining assist from a redeemed Ben Solo. Nevertheless, whereas the film made it appear to be Palpatine’s comeback was unavoidable, the Shadow of the Sith novel confirmed it was all Luke Skywalker’s fault.

In The Rise of Skywalker, Palpatine returned because of his cloning venture on Exegol, overseen by his followers. It revealed Snoke was a failed clone, as was Dathan (Rey’s dad). The story used parts from the Expanded Universe, making Palpatine a considerably immortal determine no Jedi would ever be capable to detect. It is why his lab conjured him up after the Republic fell, working in secrecy whereas Leia’s Resistance battled the First Order.

However in Adam Christopher’s e book, Luke had information one thing dire was taking place on Exegol. The Rise of Skywalker confirmed Luke knew about Exegol, and on this precursor, followers realized the Sith world was instantly affecting the Jedi Grasp. On a dig web site, Luke discovered kyber crystals and a seeing stone that transported his essence to the planet for Palpatine’s wraiths to assault.

Lando Calrissian additionally discovered clues about Ochi of Bestoon searching a household for the Sith cult, not realizing she’d develop as much as be Rey. That led him to Komat, a defector from the Acolytes of the Past who tried to restart the Sith. Nevertheless, the largest pink flag was the e book’s villain — a Sith viceroy named Exim Panshard. He possessed a disciple, Kiza, and waged warfare on Luke’s crew, making it clear he was attempting to make use of the crystals to get to Exegol to revive the Sith.

Fortunately, the heroes stopped Panshard, with Luke taking the relics again to his temple for examine. However at this level, he ought to have moved aggressively, letting the New Republic know what was taking place. Seeing as they did not consider him and Lando about Ochi’s hunt, they need to have taken the information to Leia, particularly if a brand new warfare was brewing.

They’d the masks as proof, however Luke left his sister out of the loop whereas he opted to meditate on the incident. Had Luke been extra proactive, detailing his nightmarish Sith visions as nicely, Leia may have lobbied for him to guide a activity power. Finally, this investigation might have tracked Ochi down, confirmed the beginning of Palpatine’s clone venture and averted years of combating.


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