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Star Wars Just Referenced the Infamous Darth Nihilus – Well, Kind of


The next comprises spoilers from Star Wars: Darth Vader #24, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

Probably the greatest features Star Wars is the nice number of superior characters. The Obi-Wan Kenobi collection proved the titular character’s standing within the fandom, and Luke Skywalker is at all times a fan-favorite. However, it is simple that the most well-liked characters in Star Wars are the villains. From Darth Vader to Darth Maul, it is at all times the antagonists which have probably the most fascinating designs, probably the most riveting backstories and the very best weapons.

Star Wars has a variety of nice villains, together with Vader, Kylo Ren, and Boba Fett. Nevertheless, the venerable followers would argue that the very best of the worst are the Sith warriors seen in tales that concentrate on the Previous Republic. In doable acknowledgment to this, Darth Vader #24 (by Greg Pack, Marco Castiello, Carlos Lopez, and VC’s Joe Caramagna) simply had a callback to top-of-the-line Sith Lords of all time: Darth Nihilus.

Tasked with looking down Crimson Daybreak sympathizers, Darth Vader has made it his mission to reestablish order within the galaxy, co-opting Ochi of Bestoon and a variety of mercenaries to help him within the process. Alongside the best way, Sabe (one in all Padme’s former handmaidens) reemerged and tried to make Vader her pawn. Though this ploy was unsuccessful, the 2 of them quickly united in opposition to their frequent enemies and began looking down targets working with the crime syndicate.

Within the earlier problem, the duo bumped into a few of Anakin’s buddies from Tatooine and bought a brand new goal. An Imperial governor had didn’t ship provides to her folks resulting from her alliance with Crimson Daybreak. She was the proper goal, permitting Vader to eradicate an Imperial dissenter and granting Sabe an opportunity to supply the Sith Lord an opportunity to do a very good deed that may help in her secretly making an attempt to revert him again into Anakin.

In Concern #24, Vader and Sabe instantly attacked the governor’s stronghold. Relatively than cowering on the sight of the Darkish Lord, the governor fired a large weapon on the Sith that really managed to stun him earlier than she was rescued by her allies in Crimson Daybreak. The weapon the governor used was horrifying, because it was an vitality weapon that really drained the life out of its goal. Much more scary is the truth that the weapon used in opposition to Vader was a miniature model. The weapon might truly be used on a large scale to empty the life out of complete planets.

The governor isn’t the primary villain in Star Wars to assault by draining the life power out of others. This tactic was truly first emplowed by Darth Nihilus within the days of the Previous Republic. Nihilus reigned shortly after the Jedi Civil Struggle through which Darth Revan and Malak ravaged the galaxy. He survived the results of the Mass Shadow Generator on Malachor V, however his complete being was corrupted and he was left with an insatiable urge for food for Pressure vitality. Quickly, he allied with Darth Traya, who taught him to feed on life itself.

Nihilus took the title, “The Lord of Hunger,” as he ravaged the galaxy. His need to feed grew to become so nice and his energy so immense that Nihilus might use the Pressure to devour life on a large scale, and was able to consuming complete worlds. Nevertheless, Nihilus’ starvation ultimately led to his demise. Utilizing his urge for food as bait, Meetra Surik set a lure for Nihilus and destroyed the highly effective villain with the assistance of a Jedi strike crew. Clearly, the governor seen in Darth Vader would not possess the identical sort of energy as Nihilus, however her weapon was a pleasant callback to one of the crucial dangerously highly effective Sith Lords seen within the Star Wars Universe.


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