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Star Wars: Visions’ Best Lightsaber Duels


WARNING: The next comprises spoilers for Star Wars: Visions, streaming now on Disney+.

In Star Wars: Visions, probably the most anticipated elements of the collection was the lightsaber duels. Certain, issues like character designs, the anime aesthetic and such with these galactic tales piqued curiosity, however finally, the fights are what followers, outdated and new, often gauge the franchise on.

With that in thoughts, let’s break down the most effective lightsaber fights from Season 1.

Ronin vs. Bandit Chief in ‘The Duel’

Ronin fights Bandit Leader in Star Wars: Visions

Within the first episode, “The Duel,” Ronin, a wandering samurai, has to combat off the Bandit Chief to guard a small village from genocide. Whereas he unsheathes his yellow lightsaber, the villainess shocks followers by revealing an umbrella ‘saber with a number of pink Sith blades. It creates a fast-paced, dynamic combat that feels impressed by Darth Maul, with an vitality additionally seen in GI Joe: Resolute’s Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow.

As they use Pressure telekineses on one another as nicely, they find yourself on a log floating down a waterfall, evoking Anakin and Obi-Wan’s battle on Mustafar. What makes this so dramatic is how Ronin finally makes use of a statue with a lightsaber behind the gushing water to faux her out, impaling her from the again to indicate how nicely subterfuge works for somebody who is not a Jedi.

Karre vs. Am in ‘The Twins’

Star Wars: Visions - The Twins

In “The Twins,” Karre and Am are clones the Sith created for the Empire’s cell Dying Star. Of their Darth Vader-like fits, they’re imagined to channel a kyber crystal into the blaster however it results in a brawl on high the Destroyer when Karre steals the merchandise, reneging on his Sith phrase. This duel is completely bonkers because it seems like The Matrix with each leaping round, ducking and dodging one another’s blades.

They know one another’s each transfer, culminating in a Rey-Kylo Ren sequence as they attempt to take the gem for themselves. It is full with Am’s swimsuit ejecting a number of blades, Pressure lightning and an epic finale as Karre makes use of his blade to slice the ship in two, homaging the Admiral Holdo maneuver to wreck the crystal too. It is high-octane, with numerous private depth because the twins view their destinies so in another way.

Kara & Juro vs. the Sith Acolytes in ‘The Ninth Jedi’

Kara becomes a Jedi in Star Wars: Visions

“The Ninth Jedi” finds Kara, a Rey-like beginner, working with a grasp, Juro, to combat off Sith acolytes at a temple. The acolytes pretended to be Jedi to slaughter Juro, however seeing as they took Kara’s dad, she turns into an acrobatic war-machine as her thirst for justice rises. She’s flipping round like Yoda, integrating martial arts as nicely into her arsenal to stun the villains.

It involves a head as she combines forces with Juro, who’s slicing them down at lightning-fast velocity as nicely. He even makes use of his telekinesis to assist her out, dropping one of many acolytes into an vitality pit to burn to guard Kara and guarantee they’ve time to rebuild the Order.

T0-B1, the Future Jedi Knight, vs. the Inquisitor

In “T0-B1,” the titular younger bot is definitely one of many collection’ greatest underdogs. He desires of changing into a Jedi, however unintentionally brings an Inquisitor to his planet to kill his maker. He hides out, finally rising right into a war-ready bot that harnesses the kyber crystal inside to make his personal lightsaber.

T0-B1 even connects together with his grasp’s Jedi spirit, evolving to change into a real warrior. This creates an emotional combat when the Inquisitor returns, as Tobi combines together with his droid, utilizing it as a rocket blaster, a la Iron Man, to boost his velocity and sword abilities. Seeing him adapting on the fly, calculating and outwitting the villain really paints the child as a hit story desperate to liberate the galaxy.

Tajin the Jedi Grasp vs. the Elder Sith

Tajin fights the Sith in Star Wars: Visions

“The Elder” focuses on the Jedi grasp, Tajin, combating the Elder, a rogue Sith Lord, in a area. It is akin to when outdated Obi-Wan killed Darth Maul on Tatooine in how calculated they’re, with the Elder utilizing twin pink blades and lightning towards Tajin’s one inexperienced lightsaber.

Tajin’s disposition additionally evokes Qui-Gonn, as he tries to avoid wasting his wounded Padawan, Dan. However he loses that pacifist vibe when he realizes Dan’s bleeding out, slicing up one of many outdated man’s blades earlier than a superb fencing transfer that sees him deflecting the Elder’s assaults and impaling him within the blink of a watch. It is excellent choreography, with the stoic Tajin nonetheless paying his enemy respect.

Lop vs. Her Traitor Sister, Ocho

Star Wars Visions Lop & Ocho

In “Lop & Ocho,” the alien rabbit, Lop, a former slave, fights her ‘sister,’ Ocho, as a part of a clan dispute on Tau. Yasaburo, their dad, did not need the Empire taking inventory of their planet anymore and dedicated terrorist assaults, just for Ocho to affix the villains as she loves management. This culminates in a brutal battle the place Lop accepts her future, taking her clan’s lightsaber and attacking Ocho.

It is a brutal encounter because the motion dynamic’s slick, per the early Clone Wars cartoon with Asajj Ventress. Ocho begins manifesting Sith-like powers too, however fortunately, Lop is ready to use her different blade to carve an X into Ocho’s chest. It is a model to remind her of the betrayal, as soon as extra evoking Ani and Obi-Wan in a breakneck scrap for honor.


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