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Star Wars: Visions – The Best Characters Introduced in Season 1


WARNING: The next accommodates spoilers for Star Wars: Visions’ Season 1, streaming now on Disney+.

In Star Wars: Visions, there are lots of new characters launched to the mythos, albeit out of continuity because the anime-inspired collection stitches collectively various tales. We see an enormous array of Jedi, Sith and warriors in between, in addition to rebels combating off totally different takes on the Empire to indicate the disarray engulfing the galaxy. With that in thoughts, let’s dissect the ten finest characters from Season 1.

Geezer the Hutt, Star Waver’s Bassist

Geezer in Star Wars: Visions

Geezer’s in “Tatooine Rhapsody” and whereas nobody would ever think about a Hutt altruistic, he is the entire reverse. He shows lots of soul as he is taken in by Boba Fett for not becoming a member of Jabba’s gang. He is emo, punk and completely believes in freedom, to not point out his speech to heal Jay, a younger Padawan who barely escaped Order 66, finest sums up how the band is about household. Granted, he is received a flame-thrower, lots of spunk and is nice on the bass, however it’s this present of coronary heart that actually wins.

F, the Wandering Jedi

F fights villains in Star Wars: Visions

In “The Village Bride,” F is a roaming Jedi on a mysterious planet within the Outer Rim years after the purge. When separatists withdraw, their tech’s repurposed by villains who attempt to declare a village chief, just for the person’s granddaughter to supply herself as tribute.

F, although, has different issues in thoughts as she harnesses the Power, stops the villains from executing rebels and slices the boss down. Along with her rocket boots and general badass perspective, F, who would not say a lot, comes off as a lethal liberator and Jedi vigilante.

Tajin, the Grasp Jedi

Tajin fights the Sith in Star Wars: Visions

In “The Elder,” Tajin cuts a Qui-Gon Jinn-like determine as he and his Padawan, Dan, examine a disturbance on a planet. Dan discovers an previous killer within the mountains who left the Sith Order earlier than it fell aside. He will get sliced up by the villain, however Tajin, who can sense issues from miles away, arrives to avoid wasting him.

His stoic nature and general expertise enable him to soak up Sith lightning, slicing one of many Elder’s purple blades up earlier than impaling him along with his lightsaber. What equally impresses is how Tajin ensures that they pay respects to the locals and the stays of their enemy.

The Sinister Bandit Chief With the Final Sith Weapon

Star Wars: Visions' lightsaber umbrella from The Duel.

In Star Wars: Visions‘ opening episode, “The Duel,” Ronin comes throughout a feudal village the place the Bandit Chief’s gang is terrorizing the residents. They need their tributes or else man, lady and little one shall be slaughtered. Whereas villagers disguised themselves and ambush the villains through machine weapons, Bandit Chief emerges along with her umbrella lightsaber. She makes use of it to impale a number of opponents, slicing them to items like Mortal Kombat, whereas shifting swiftly and gloating like a extra sinister model of Darth Maul and Asajj Ventress.

Karre, the Rogue Sith Who Takes on His Twin

star wars vision and hyperspace attack

Karre and his twin sister, Am, have been cloned into Sith warlords in “The Twins.” With their Darth Vader-esque armor, they’re to channel kyber crystal vitality to show their Destroyer right into a Dying Star, however Karre steals the gem and breaks out. He fights his sister, not eager to be a Darkish Aspect pawn. It is refreshing to see somebody understanding these villains aren’t value it, plus his prowess along with his personal lightsaber and the way he brings the vessel down with the Admiral Holdo transfer proves he is an astute tactician.

Tsubaki, the Damaged Jedi Wrestling With the Darkish Aspect

Tsubaki fights the Sith in Star Wars: Visions

Within the finale, “Akakiri,” there is a Jedi struggling PTSD by the identify of Tsubaki. He reunites along with his beloved Misa to free her royal court docket from her Sith aunt, Misago, however within the course of, he will get duped. Tsubaki has been having visions of killing folks, wrestling with the Darkish Aspect, akin to Anakin Skywalker, and whereas he slaughters Misago’s troopers, he by accident kills Misa. Nonetheless, the villain brokers a deal and heals her, with Tsubaki turning into her apprentice to offer us a Palpatine-like story about manipulation, management and love.

Lop, the Rabbit Insurgent

Star Wars Visions Lop & Ocho

Lop’s a rabbit and runaway slave who joins Yasaburo and his daughter, Ochō, on Tau. Yasaburo’s attempting to wage struggle on the Empire who’s taken management, nevertheless, he is damaged when Ochō betrays them, pondering Yasaburo’s a terrorist. It results in Lop taking the household’s lightsaber and combating her ‘sister,’ akin to Obi-Wan and Ani. It is all about legacy and misguided morals, with Lop proving to be as swift as Yoda and gifted as Ani with the blade, branding Ochō and making a vendetta that now has Ochō wanting her head and Sith energy.

Ronin Collects His Sith Victims’ Kyber Crystals

Ronin fights Bandit Leader in Star Wars: Visions

Ronin makes the lower as a result of he is simply that: a wanderer who would not converse a lot, however lets his lightsaber do the speaking. Extra so, he is not a Jedi or a Sith, coming off like an murderer along with his yellow lightsaber. Along with a droid that acts as a WMD, he is a superb strategist, luring the Bandit Chief in and combating her on a log going over a waterfall. He makes use of a temple to distract and impale her, proving he can adapt rapidly to his environment, like a real sage. Extra so, when he leaves a kyber crystal for a child, he has much more, proving Sith-slaying is a pastime he enjoys.

Kara: the New ‘Rey’ and a New Hope

Kara becomes a Jedi in Star Wars: Visions

Kara adopts the same determine to Rey in “The Ninth Jedi” as she helps her dad, Zhima, a lightsabersmith. She’s a junker as properly, makes use of a racer and likewise has entry to the Power, though she’s not an skilled. Nonetheless, as she loses her dad to Sith troopers and delivers some weapons for Jedi, Kara goes into war-mode as most of them are undercover Sith.

She ranges up, utilizing her acrobatics to kick butt, whereas turning her lightsaber from brown to inexperienced as she unleashes extra of the Power. It is an emotive story of tragedy and adversity as she helps save the remaining Jedi, with Juro turning into her Luke and forming a brand new order along with her as the brand new hope.

T0-B1, the Cybernetic Boy with Jedi Knight Goals

star wars visions t0 b1

In “T0-B1,” we get probably the most healthful character within the collection as he is a bot created, alongside the traces of A.I., who goals of being a Jedi. Sadly, he is alone on the planet, other than his builder, Mitaka, a genius scientist who would not need him following the Gentle. Sadly, the bot by accident brings an Inquisitor down who slays his mentor, however by the point the tyrant returns, T0-B1’s terraformed the planet.

He builds his lightsaber after harnessing the kyber crystal hidden inside as properly, earlier than utilizing his robotics to slay the villain in probably the most epic trend. The way in which he heads off, stuffed with hope and resilience, to liberate the remainder of the galaxy is similar to Luke Skywalker, including immense humanity to his binary mainframe.

See all these incredible new characters in Season 1 of Star Wars: Visions, now streaming on Disney+.


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