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Sword Art Online: The Shadowy Yet Critical Role of Seijirou Kikuoka


Sword Art Online has an expansive listing of characters, however few play a vital, recurring function all through your entire story. Nevertheless, one character who does is Seijirou Kikuoka of the Japanese Self-Protection Power. He’s the driving pressure for Kirito to change into an investigator within the VR Community, ultimately main him to hitch the Alicization Challenge.

Initially, Kikuoka was one of many Beta testers for Sword Artwork On-line, however quite than transferring over to the complete launch of the sport, he used the knowledge he gathered to start growing Challenge Alicization, so he wasn’t trapped within the recreation with the opposite gamers. He then joined ALfheim On-line to collect info after the SAO Incident and he lured Kirito into the counselor’s workplace on the SAO Survival College in the actual world to debate the occasions that passed off. Kirito defined the whole lot that he encountered ranging from when he realized that they have been trapped within the recreation. It was presently that the 2 mentioned Kirito becoming a member of ALfheim On-line to rescue Asuna after Seijirou, beneath the Chrysheight username, gave him the identify of the hospital Asuna was at in trade for details about the SAO Incident.

A yr after the SAO Incident, Kirito was approached by Seijirou to analyze rumors in regards to the Gun Gale On-line recreation and its connection to real-world deaths. It is determined that Kirito will convert his ALfheim character to the Gun Gale recreation to be able to draw the eye of the killer, <<Dying Gun>>, through the Bullet of Bullets Match. After studying about Kirito becoming a member of the sport, Asuna approached Seijirou to hunt permission to log into ALfheim On-line for a gathering with him, the place she confronted him about Kirito’s conversion to Gun Gale. He ultimately caved and defined the state of affairs to her.

After the Gun Gale Incident was taken care of, Seijirou’s standing as a Lieutenant Colonel for the JSDF was revealed when he provided Kirito a job at Rath. The job was to check out the Soul Translator, although this was only a ruse. The true objective was to create a Backside-Up AI for the army. Later, Seijirou and Higa Takeru kidnapped Kirito’s physique after being put right into a coma in order that they might reconnect him with the Soul Translator and undo the mind harm attributable to the assault.

Seijiro Kikuoka as Chrysheight in ALfheim Online

After the kidnapping, Asuna was in a position to infiltrate the Rath base and confront Seijirou about abducting Kirito, throughout which he defined the explanation for the kidnapping and what his plan final plan for Challenge Alicization was. After the assault on Ocean Turtle base, Seijirou allowed Asuna to enter Underworld with a high-ranking profile to stimulate Kirito’s Fluctlight and assist his restoration. After the Warfare of Underworld had concluded, Seijiro as soon as once more contacted Kirito after somebody infiltrated Underworld.

Seijiro Kikuoka has been a grasp manipulator since he met Kirito and Asuna. He by no means reveals the complete reality willingly, solely divulging bits and items. Whereas some confidentiality is predicted from a member of the JSDF, he has no issues manipulating civilians — to not point out minors — to be able to obtain his objectives. He manipulated Kirito into coming into the Soul Translator beneath false pretenses and kidnapped him after he fell right into a coma. Whereas this was achieved to speed up his restoration, it is nonetheless unlawful and it took Asuna and co. digging deep and placing the items collectively to determine the place they took Kirito. Whereas Seijirou Kikuoka is not essentially an antagonist, he is not harmless both. His actions could have good intentions, however additionally they have harmful penalties.


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