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The Boys Season 3, Episode 7, "Here Comes a Candle to Light You to Bed," Recap & Spoilers


WARNING: The next article incorporates spoilers for The Boys Season 3, Episode 7, “Here Comes a Candle to Light You to Bed,” which launched Friday on Prime Video.

Final week’s episode of The Boys Season 3, “Herogasm,” modified the present’s establishment in quite a few massive methods. Collectively, Soldier Boy, Hughie Campbell and Billy Butcher took down the TNT Twins and obtained right into a struggle with Homelander, almost killing the chief of The Seven within the course of on the episode’s titular orgy. On the finish of “Herogasm,” Annie January/Starlight lastly had sufficient and revealed to the world through social media Vought Worldwide’s wicked practices, quitting The Seven within the course of. The most recent episode of the collection, “Here Comes a Candle to Light You to Bed,” explores the fallout of these occasions. Here is a spoiler-filled recap of the penultimate outing for The Boys Season 3.

Vought Worldwide Goes on the Protection, and Kimiko Makes an Necessary Determination

At first of “Here Comes a Candle to Light You to Bed,” Vought Worldwide assaults January, throwing suspicion on her intentions and ties to The Boys. Elsewhere, Homelander visits Queen Maeve in her cell, asking concerning the location of Butcher and Soldier Boy. Nevertheless, Maeve brings up the bruises on the chief of The Seven’s face and mocks him. Homelander ultimately reveals that he is letting Maeve stay as a result of he desires to reap her eggs and have children along with her. Nonetheless, Maeve gloats when Homelander leaves that she’s completely satisfied to see him scared.

Afterwards, Homelander watches January’s movies about him and Vought, clearly obsessive about what is going on on. He later goes to a rally for Robert Singer in a rural space, the place he slanders Slander, a lot to the frustration of the politicians round him and the elation of the group. Homelander quickly leaves the stage and stumbles upon a cow, which he milks in personal. As he is consuming the fruits of his labor, congresswoman Victoria Neuman walks in. She tells him to publically admit Soldier Boy is the supervillain The Seven have been after and take management of the scenario. Homelander grabs her by the throat, however Neuman causes with him, proposing they assist one another out. She then fingers him a slip of paper that clearly shocks him. The contents aren’t revealed till later within the episode, however there’s an tackle written on the slip.

Round that point, Black Noir goes to Buster Beaver’s, a rundown and deserted pizza restaurant with cartoon mascots. That is apparently the place he is been hiding out since working away from Vought Tower. Whereas he is there, he hallucinates the eating places cartoon animals coming to life. They attempt to get him to go and confront Soldier Boy, however Black Noir refuses. Nevertheless, the cartoons take him by means of a reminiscence by which he confronts Soldier Boy about railroading his likelihood at getting a task in Beverly Hills Cop. This results in Soldier Boy beating up Black Noir, which is why he turned on him. With Vought’s blessing and the promise of a brand new hero, Homelander, within the wings to switch Soldier Boy, Payback takes down its chief in Nicaragua and offers him as much as the Russians, although Black Noir is badly injured, and his face is scarred, within the course of.

There are a number of different subplots that get addressed at Vought Tower. Reggie Franklin/A-Prepare wakes up at Vought Tower, having survived his coronary heart assault in “Herogasm.” Ashley reveals Vought gave him Blue Hawk’s coronary heart and asks him to start out working towards Starlight with them. Cassandra additionally seemingly breaks up with The Deep after they attempt to have a threesome with an octopus.

As that is happening, Frenchie and Kimiko regroup with Marvin/Mom’s Milk and January to determine a plan to take care of Butcher. Frenchie, who’s as soon as once more utilizing medication after his confrontation with Nina final episode, combs by means of footage from Russia to determine the way to incapacitate Soldier Boy. Marvin tries to intervene, however it does not actually work. In the meantime, Kimiko and January bond. The previous ultimately asks the latter to get her Compound V and reveals her a protracted message that is not proven to the viewer. This message convinces January to assist, regardless of her preliminary reluctance.

Frenchie quickly discovers a Russian nerve agent was answerable for taking down Soldier Boy and begins concocting a plan to get some. Nevertheless, earlier than they’ll proceed, Marvin sees images of his daughter, Janine, and his spouse’s husband, Todd, at Homelander’s rally for Singer, so he leaves. Kimiko then enters and dances with Frenchie. She reveals January goes to get her extra Compound V. Whereas Frenchie is sad with the selection, Kimiko explains she desires to have the ability to defend him through the identical lengthy message she used to persuade January earlier. This time, she says, Compound V is her selection, and she or he desires to make use of her powers to do good.

Marvin confronts Todd, and his ex-wife backs him up by way of not taking Janine to Homelander rallies. Todd stays in denial there’s any hazard to going out to a rally, citing Vought’s pretend information and Homelander’s speeches. Finally, Todd questions Marvin’s fatherhood, which leads to him punching his spouse’s present husband. Janine watches on in horror as this occurs.

January efficiently steals Compound V from Vought Tower, however whereas there, she finds out V24 is doubtlessly lethal, inflicting mind lesions that result in loss of life after 3-5 makes use of. As she’s making an attempt to depart Vought Tower, Homelander confronts her, making an attempt to threaten her into recanting. Starlight refuses, saying she’s going to cease Soldier Boy and rescue Maeve. She additionally brings up Supersonic’s loss of life, and Homelander responds by making clear he’ll kill Hughie if she does not comply. Earlier than leaving the constructing, January reveals she was live-streaming their whole dialog.

Soldier Boy, Butcher and Hughie Tackle Mindstorm

The opposite most important plot within the episode offers with Hughie, Soldier Boy and Butcher preventing Mindstorm. The trio’s plot begins with them staying with The Legend following the occasions of “Herogasm.” There, The Legend reveals Soldier Boy by no means really fought in World Battle II, although he was, although he was concerned within the Kent State shootings and spraying protestors with fireplace hoses in Birmingham. The Stan Lee parody then makes a degree about how being American means understanding you are the hero, which entails hiding the unhealthy issues and making myths about your self. Whereas initially the trio have some bother discovering Mindstorm, as he is notoriously paranoid and so has many cabins, the trio quickly work out the place he’s because of his lithium prescription, which is used to deal with bipolar.

Once they get near Mindstorm’s cabin, Soldier Boy advises them to not make eye contact along with his former teammate. Behind his again, Butcher notes they’re preserving Soldier Boy medicated with weed to maintain him from exploding because of the trauma he suffered in Russia, because the language units him off. As they are going, Soldier Boy units off an explosive tripwire. Mindstorm seems on the scene and sends Butcher right into a nightmare. He then makes use of the confusion to flee.

The nightmare itself has to do with Butcher’s abusive childhood. Initially, Butcher tries to guard his brother, Lenny, from their father’s abuse, however his personal life begins going downhill. Butcher’s father encourages his violence and insults Lenny for not being as robust as his brother. Finally, Butcher leaves, regardless of Lenny’s protestations.

All through the nightmare, the older Butcher makes an attempt to speak sense into his childhood self, however there’s by no means any response. Nevertheless, that modifications in the direction of the top. Butcher’s nightmare of Lenny addresses him immediately. In a sequence that is among the most transferring within the historical past of The Boys, Lenny calls Butcher out for not checking on him or speaking with him, primarily accusing him of abandonment. Lenny tells Butcher that he will get everybody he loves killed after which takes his personal life.

Exterior the nightmare, Soldier Boy reveals he is keen to desert Butcher to his inevitable loss of life within the nightmare world, however Hughie nonetheless desires to avoid wasting his good friend. As they go after Mindstorm, Soldier Boy brings up storming Normandy. Hughie calls him out on the lie, and Soldier Boy slaps him.

Quickly after, the 2 hit upon a priest and nun having automobile bother. Soldier Boy shoots them, and whereas Hughie is initially horrified, he quickly learns Mindstorm brainwashed them.

Once they do discover Mindstorm’s cabin, Hughie makes use of his skills to teleport the supe again to Butcher. Finally, Hughie talks Mindstorm into saving Butcher, promising to guard him. Hughie additionally says he does not need to be like Soldier Boy. As a substitute, Hughie desires to assist folks ot damage them.

Butcher wakes up and apologizes to Hughie, pondering he is Lenny. Nevertheless, earlier than Hughie could make good on his promise, Soldier Boy assaults Mindstorm. Throughout an interrogation, the psychic confirms for Soldier Boy that Vought gave Black Noir the greenlight to maneuver towards him. Mindstorm additionally whispers one thing to the previous chief of Payback that is not instantly heard by the viewer. Afterwards, Soldier Boy kills his former ally.

At The Legend’s place, Butcher continues to be shaken by his nightmare. His grieving is interrupted by Starlight, who tells him about V24’s lethal results, asking him to relay the message to Hughie. Nevertheless, when he returns, Butcher does not inform Hughie something, as an alternative saying they should get extra V24 to allow them to end the struggle. Figuring out Butcher will not inform Hughie the reality, January decides she wants to avoid wasting Hughie no matter if he desires her to. Kimiko additionally will get injected with Compound V and will get her powers again.

Lastly, in a significant twist, Soldier Boy calls Homelander. He talks about how he offered the sperm to Vought from which Homelander was made. “Here Comes a Candle to Light You to Bed” then ends with Soldier Boy telling Homelander that he would have let him take the highlight, had he identified he have been his son.

New episodes of The Boys Season 3 launch Friday on Prime Video. The subsequent episode of the collection, “The Instant White-Hot Wild,” hits the streaming service on July 8.


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