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The Case Study of Vanitas’ Season 1 Finale Leaves So Many Unanswered Questions


Warning: The next accommodates spoilers for The Case Examine of Vanitas Episode 12, “Point of Departure,” now streaming on Funimation.

Though this has been fairly an eventful debut season for The Case Examine of Vanitas, Episode 12 makes it abundantly clear that all of Season 1 is merely a setup for Season 2, which is already introduced to be coming in January 2022.

The Case Examine of Vanitas‘ narrative is introduced in a approach that step by step reveals extra details about the world and its characters, thus your entire viewing expertise can typically really feel like piecing a puzzle collectively, or a build-up to one thing larger. What’s actually nice in regards to the sequence’ general construction is there are additionally clear-cut mini-arcs the place the characters take breaks between every journey earlier than shifting on to the subsequent, so it by no means feels unsatisfying. Episode 12 is technically one of many “break” episodes, but it surely does a lot to cleverly construct anticipation for Season 2.

Essentially the most pressing query from Episode 12 of Vanitas is undoubtedly what occurred to Noe. When Vanitas discovers that Ruthven deliberately let Jeanne invite him on a date, he instantly realizes Noe is in peril. However when he returns, he solely finds a sleeping Noe half on the ground.

What neither one is aware of is that Ruthven had already hypnotized Noe and compelled him to swear to obey for one time — it doesn’t matter what he asks — after which made Noe neglect this vow. Episode 11 confirmed Jeanne beneath some type of order however she will’t keep in mind who made it, so this looks like the very same state of affairs for Noe. That is the largest potential time bomb that will explode in Season 2. There isn’t a telling what Ruthven will ask, and worse but, there is no approach to stop it as a result of nobody truly realizes its existence.

The Season 1 finale additionally reveals that Ruthven deliberate to kill Noe at first, however modified his thoughts as a result of concern over Noe’s instructor, the Shapeless One. This means the Shapeless One — whom Ruthven calls a monster — could also be no less than equal to or much more highly effective than Ruthven. That mentioned, the dialogue right here additionally hints that leaving Noe alive may very well be Ruthven’s greatest downfall sooner or later.

One other unpredictable think about The Case Examine of Vanitas is Roland, who now is aware of not all vampires are evil like he was led to imagine by the church. His colleague Olivier senses he’s beginning to doubt the church’s teachings and clumsily threatens to hurt his household, however Roland returns the gesture with an much more thinly veiled menace. Their dialog exhibits how highly effective Roland really is — in keeping with his personal estimation, he can tackle 4 or extra paladins directly. However his thoughts could also be much more harmful; he isn’t a blind believer of God, however somewhat what he believes to be true. This makes him a wild card who may very well be on any aspect of a combat.

Most significantly, the Season 1 finale units up the subsequent journey for Vanitas and Noe: the “Beast of Gevaudan” (a real-life murderous creature in French historical past), a wolf-like beast that used to brutally homicide girls and kids and has not too long ago reemerged to kill 5 folks. The beast is theorized to be a curse-bearing vampire, and as we noticed in Episode 6, when a cursed vampire is simply too far gone, their look will change to a beast-like creature. Vanitas and Noe depart Paris to research, an effective way to conclude Season 1 because the sequence started with each of them coming into Paris.

However probably the most intriguing reveal about this beast is on the finish credit score scene, when a white-haired lady seems within the snowy mountains with the Charlatan holding her. She claims to need to make her vengeance echo throughout the land in Gevaudan. This implies the beast is certainly related to the Charlatan, who appears to be managed or is no less than allied with this mysterious lady, whose identify is Chloe in keeping with the credit. That is the largest revelation of Episode 12, and leaves probably the most unanswered questions. Given The Case Examine of Vanitas‘ penchant for slowly resolving mysteries, it is going to in all probability take a whole season for every thing to be totally resolved.

There are a lot of different smaller set-ups too, such because the introduction of a brand new pink-haired character named Astolfo, who, regardless of wanting effeminate, is male. There’s additionally Noe’s unusual obsession with Vanitas’ blood, and a full exposition of Noe’s mind-reading energy that can absolutely turn out to be necessary in a while. All these questions and extra will hopefully be answered in The Case Examine of Vanitas Season 2.


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