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The Case Study of Vanitas: The Importance of Bloodsucking


Warning: the next comprises spoilers for The Case Examine of Vanitas, Episode 11, “Promises,” now streaming on Funimation.

Vampires are among the most tailored creatures in all of fiction and each adaptation has some variant on how vampires work. Typically the chew can flip people into vampires, different instances it’s a means to realize extra energy. The way in which The Case Examine of Vanitas presents vampires differs in that vampires are born and never made, that means their bloodlust is extra manageable, very similar to a pure intuition — except they grow to be cursed.

Episode 11 comprises two bloodsucking scenes beneath two very completely different circumstances, one between Jeanne and Vanitas and the opposite with Lord Ruthven and Noe. Each scenes present what bloodsucking symbolizes on this planet of Vanitas, particularly the concept of management — each dropping and gaining it over one other.

The episode begins innocently sufficient, with Jeanne attempting to get Vanitas to cease being taken with her. Jeanne asks Domi for recommendation, who means that she fake to be taken with him, since she heard from Noe that Vanitas isn’t taken with those who love him. Jeanne asks Vanitas out on a date, however Vanitas sees proper via her scheme and agrees to go on the date. Thus, Jeanne mockingly (however not surprisingly) finds herself within the thrall of Vanitas’ charms.

On the similar time, Noe goes on a date of kinds as properly. When Lord Ruthven invitations him to a café, he appears pleasant sufficient at first, however as seen  final episode, Ruthven is in cahoots with the Charlatan, so it is apparent that he’s as much as one thing when he invitations Noe.

At across the similar time, as Jeanne and Vanitas’ date winds down, she sees a human boy with a scraped knee, which awakens her bloodlust. She virtually assaults the boy however Vanitas stops her simply in time and lets her chew him as an alternative. Jeanne’s issue controlling her bloodlust leads Vanitas to ask her once more if she is a curse-bearer. Jeanne can’t reply resulting from a sure somebody’s order, although from the silhouette it’s clearly Ruthven.

Ruthven reveals a bit about his personal previous to Noe: he was a trainer that taught vampires again when people and vampires had been at struggle, and his college students one way or the other all died. This might be the motivation behind his actions, as a result of when Noe says that he doesn’t think about people enemies and sees vampires and people as equal, he instantly assaults Noe and sucks his blood.

The visuals of each bloodsucking scenes are fairly fascinating, Ruthven is bodily imposing, and mentally additionally far more manipulative than Noe, so he handles Noe like a ragdoll, and he has full management over the state of affairs. The mirrors on this entire scene symbolizes the duplicitous nature of Ruthven. When Noe lastly sees him via the mirror, it’s when he chooses to disclose his true nature to Noe.

In Jeanne and Vanitas’ case, whereas the bloodsucking is consensual, it solely occurs as a result of Jeanne cannot totally management her bloodlust. Whereas bodily, she appears to be answerable for Vanitas — even climbing on high of him — she is just not actually the one in management mentally. Although Neither is Vanitas, who can solely assist alleviate Jeanne’s thirst, however can’t remedy her till she admits her sickness. In the case of treating sufferers, it appears that evidently Vanitas cares far more about consent than he usually does.

The back-to-back scenes are supposed to display the connection between bloodsucking and management, and the way they might come to be linked with the villain’s objectives. Since vampires on this world don’t essentially must blood to outlive, the act takes on symbolic that means: management will be both gained or misplaced via this motion. Vampires are forged out after they grow to be cursed and lose management, which is why the Charlatan is so feared, however having management over others is what highly effective vampires search, and it is probably what the Charlatan is after as properly.

Since vampires had been created when somebody tried to exert management over the world, the necessity for management might be inherent inside vampires as a species. Even in additional romantic or sexual conditions, there may be additionally a possessive side of bloodsucking, as within the case with Jeanne and Vanitas.


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