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The Detective Is Already Dead Exposes the Impact of Siesta’s Deadly Legacy 


WARNING: The next incorporates spoilers for Episode 10 of The Detective Is Already Lifeless, “So I Can’t Become a Detective,” now streaming on Funimation.

After the Flashback story arc’s heartbreaking conclusion in Episode 9, The Detective Is Already Lifeless Episode 10 returns to the current timeline to meet up with Kimihiko Kimizuka, Nagisa Natsunagi and Yui Saikawa. After resolving Yui’s case that almost resulted within the lack of her prosthetic left eye, the trio decides to honor Siesta’s legacy by persevering with the combat towards SPES. After they unexpectedly encounter Charlotte Arisaka Anderson (aka Charl) on a cruise ship, they shortly be taught the influence Siesta’s dying had on everybody near her.

Of Siesta’s unique crew, Charl was maybe hit hardest by the previous’s dying. As the one who beloved Siesta essentially the most, Charl lamented she was by no means Siesta’s “chosen one” and resented Kimihiko for the love and a focus he bought from her “Ma’am” (or “Mom” within the Funimation subtitles). Regardless of what Siesta wished for each herself and Kimihiko, Charl took it upon herself to proceed Siesta’s work alone.

When Charl by chance runs into Kimihiko and meets his new feminine companions, she is none too happy to be taught Nagisa determined to take up Siesta’s title of “legendary detective” with out having earned it. Whereas Charl doesn’t seem to have linked Nagisa with Hel, she sees her as an impostor all the identical and refuses to work alongside her and Kimihiko’s new crew. When talking to Kimihiko alone, she informs him “Siesta’s legacy” is current on the ship and that they should discover it earlier than SPES does.

Regardless of being new to the sport, Nagisa herself additionally feels the load of Siesta’s legacy on her shoulders. Not solely does she encounter Siesta in her goals and argue together with her, however she equally doesn’t consider she’s earned her place as Siesta’s successor. Previous to inheriting Siesta’s coronary heart (by way of her villainous alter ego), Nagisa remembers all the time being “caged up” in a darkish room and sure to a mattress. These reminiscences look like just like these of Alicia, who additionally remembers “always being locked away in a dark place,” seemingly confirming Nagisa, Alicia, and Hel are all completely different personalities present in a single physique.

By being fully unaware of her Dissociative Identification Dysfunction, Nagisa can also be oblivious of her personal hyperlink to SPES and that she would be the “legacy of Siesta” SPES is definitely searching for. This would not be the primary time Chameleon comes searching for her, as he additionally hunted her down when she was Alicia in London a 12 months prior. As the present proprietor of Siesta’s coronary heart and an alter ego of Hel, Nagisa is invaluable to SPES as she has the 2 issues SEED needs to meet his personal villainous mission on Earth.

With solely two episodes left of Season 1, The Detective Is Already Lifeless is setting as much as finish huge with main revelations that can absolutely arrange for Season 2. With Kimihiko edging nearer to studying the reality of Nagisa’s Dissociative Identification Dysfunction and the complete particulars of the occasions that led to Siesta’s dying, he’ll should make a serious determination about his personal future and the way a lot of it is going to be dictated by his place in Siesta’s legacy.


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