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The Detective Is Already Dead Reveals the Burning Truth About Nagisa Natsunagi’s Identity


WARNING: The next incorporates spoilers for Episode 11 of The Detective Is Already Useless, “A Light in the Midst of Hope,” now streaming on Funimation.

The Detective Is Already Useless aka Tantei wa Mou Shindeiru (Tanmoshi for brief) is in search of to finish its first season in a giant means. In Episode 11, unfastened ends start to come back collectively as Kimihiko Kimizuka begins piecing collectively what actually occurred to his companion, Siesta, on that fateful day he misplaced her. Throughout a brutal combat towards SPES operant Chameleon, Kimihiko begins to remember his final dialog with Siesta on the battlefield a 12 months prior.

After Hel succeeded in stealing Siesta’s coronary heart and putting it into their very own physique, a grief-stricken Kimihiko tried to assault her assassin. He was quickly stopped when he heard the acquainted voice of his deceased companion rising from the lips of their sworn enemy. Having taken management of Hel’s physique, Siesta communicated what her recreation plan was to Kimihiko from the beginning.

Previous to assembly Kimihiko on an airplane three years in the past, Siesta knew about Hel and Alicia. She additionally knew that to be able to cease SPES and save Alicia, Siesta must work out a option to suppress Alicia’s extra villainous alter ego. She might’ve very simply killed Hel if she needed to, however she knew that killing Hel additionally meant killing Alicia. After going over varied plans in her head, Siesta in the end concluded the one option to actually cease Hel and save Alicia was to permit Hel to kill her and take her coronary heart.

Since Siesta’s coronary heart is tailored to comprise her consciousness, this is able to enable her to infiltrate Hel’s physique and subdue their persona. Siesta, after all, didn’t talk any of this to Kimihiko previous to working with him, which understandably upset him. Having fallen in love with Siesta by this level, Kimihiko felt it was merciless of her to make such a significant choice on her personal life by herself. Naturally, Siesta knew he would attempt to cease her from finishing her activity if he knew the total extent of her long-term plan.

Regardless of the misleading nature with which Siesta executed her defeat of Hel, she tearfully confessed her emotions for Kimihiko by promising to seek out him once more sooner or later. By this level, pollen from close by flowers with memory-erasing capability (the identical flowers the Hanako-san drug was constituted of) had grow to be airborne. Fearing reminiscence loss, Kimihiko tearfully confesses to Siesta that he does not need to neglect her, and he or she reassures him he will not. He’ll neglect some issues, however not her.

Within the current, Kimihiko begins to place two and two collectively and realizes that Nagisa Natsunagi is Hel — with a brand new persona. His suspicions are quickly confirmed when Siesta — in Nagisa’s physique — rescues him from Chameleon by capturing him with the identical blood bullet she shot Bat with again in Episode 1. Similar to she did with Hel a 12 months prior, Siesta had taken management of Nagisa’s physique, ensuing within the reunion she’d promised to Kimihiko.

With The Detective Is Already Useless‘s express affirmation that Nagisa and Hel are one and the identical, and that Siesta can “pilot” her physique at any time, this has vital implications about Siesta’s personal origins. Contemplating how Alicia was experimented on to the purpose the place she ended up with a physique that may actually change look, it’s totally potential Siesta herself was additionally experimented on by SPES. This would definitely clarify why Siesta is aware of a lot in regards to the group — and why she has a custom-made coronary heart that Hel can simply transplant into her personal physique with out rejecting it.


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