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The Legend of Korra: Amon Never Used Bloodbending’s DEADLIEST Technique


The Legend of Korra launched one in every of the deadliest Benders in Avatar with Amon. Gifted with the flexibility to bloodbend even with no full moon, the collection made positive to determine that Amon was one in every of, if not essentially the most highly effective, Bloodbenders within the franchise. In defeating him Workforce Avatar had to make use of the total vary of skills obtainable to them, and develop new ones on the spot simply to counter the lethal ability.

And but Amon might have been even deadlier. A refined second from the collection factors to bloodbending’s greatest approach, nevertheless it’s not Amon who makes use of it. Amon could have been extra highly effective, nevertheless it appears his brother Tarrlok may have extra credit score for using one of many forbidden artwork’s simplest choices in fight.

Tarrlok bloodbending korra

When bloodbending was first launched in Avatar: The Final Airbender, it got here with a extreme limitation that required a full moon for it for use. Waterbenders might management the water inside an individual’s blood to puppeteer them, however solely once they had the ability of the total moon behind them. Even then, solely its inventor Hama and her would-be scholar Katara knew the flexibility. However The Legend of Korra launched a household with an inborn capacity that allowed them to make use of the ability at any time they needed. Yakone might paralyze a complete courtroom of individuals to flee his trial, whereas his son Tarrlok used the flexibility to defeat Korra in single fight. Meant to be even deadlier than both was Amon, proven mastering the flexibility like a prodigy from early on.

Although he posed as a Nonbender, when Amon’s secret was revealed and he unleashed the total energy of his bloodbending, he proved to be one of many deadliest villains in all of Avatar. With out even transferring he might render his opponents ineffective in fight, and but even with such a rare capacity, there have been two events the place his affect was overpowered. Within the first, he was towards Mako, who unleashed a bolt of lightning that broke Amon’s focus on his goal, and within the subsequent Avatar Korra used her airbending for the primary time to ship him flying out a window. These moments reveal imperfections in Amon’s ways, and although the collection demonstrably proves his superiority to his youthful brother Tarrlok, there’s truly a second the place Tarrlok showcases a expertise that might have made Amon a fair deadlier Bender: knocking his opponents out.

The exhibiting is available in Episode 9 of E book One when Workforce Avatar confronts Tarrlok after Korra’s disappearance. Knowledgeable that Tarrlok is truly a Bloodbender, Tenzin, Lin Beifong, Mako and a number of other others abruptly assault Tarrlok to try to put him down. However earlier than any of their assaults can land, Tarrlok paralyzes and pushes them to the bottom together with his bloodbending. Tarrlok then does one thing no different Bloodbender has ever executed: He knocks them unconscious. Tarrlok escapes and, after we subsequent see Workforce Avatar, Tenzin continues to be unconscious on the ground as Lin slaps him awake.

A lot is occurring within the second that it is simple to miss, however Tarrlok’s approach right here might be essentially the most damaged capacity in all of Avatar. An unconscious foe is much more ineffective than one actively paralyzed with bloodbending, and as Mako and Korra’s showings towards Amon exhibit, even the lively maintain of bloodbending will be damaged with sufficient willpower and focus. Had Amon merely knocked them unconscious with bloodbending they might have been completely at his mercy. His neglecting to take action is a refined occasion of one in every of Avatar’s most recurring themes: that energy is not every thing if its wielder does not know learn how to use it successfully.

Legend Of Korra: Tarrlok

There’s little query that Amon is extra highly effective than Tarrlok, as his makes an attempt to bloodbend Amon fall flat afterward when the elder brother merely pushes by way of his affect. Even in Tarrlok’s personal account of their childhood, it was all the time Amon who had the better proclivity for the expertise, nevertheless it appears Tarrlok was promoting himself slightly quick. Even towards half a dozen individuals, a few of whom are among the many strongest Benders in Korra, Tarrlok managed to simply disable all of them and escape.

Bloodbending is already one of many strongest skills in Avatar, however this particular approach is probably its simplest possibility in any fight state of affairs. With each Tarrlok and Amon useless by the top of Korra‘s first season, and the seemingly genetic capacity misplaced with their bloodline, there will not be one other character who can use the approach sooner or later. Bloodbending’s greatest transfer doubtless died with one in every of its simplest customers, and as a lot of a shock as it could be, it was by no means Amon.


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