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The Monster Trio: One Piece’s Best Luffy, Zoro & Sanji Moments


Of all the Straw Hat crew, the inarguably strongest members are Luffy, Zoro and Sanji. They’re virtually at all times the primary to leap right into a combat and solely develop extra excited when confronted with harder opponents, their overwhelming power incomes them the nickname “Monster Trio.” Listed below are the group’s easiest moments in One Piece.

Zoro and Sanji Use a Drained Luffy to Slingshot Cannonballs

In Chapter #429, after the crew narrowly avoids seize from the marines on Enies Foyer, they escape onto the Going Merry, which discovered her strategy to them within the nick of time. The marine battleships are deadlocked in whirlpools after Sanji is intelligent sufficient to open the Gates of Justice, however because the crew makes their fast escape, Spandam orders the cannons to be fired to sink their vessel.

To cease the Merry from taking any extra harm, Zoro and Sanji resolve to make use of the practically exhausted Luffy as a slingshot to rebound the fired cannons again on the marine battleships. Surprisingly, this methodology works, regardless of the bodily abuse their captain is put via. Usopp calls the prepare dinner and swordsman demons, however they will reply with some efficient peace indicators. It is a hilarious second tucked into a really tense getaway.

The Crew Finds The Monster Trio with Their Shadows Stolen

After catching a glimpse of the particular big zombie, Oars, Usopp and Chopper reconvene with Robin and Franky and are determined to provide you with a recreation plan with the remainder of the crew. In Chapter #458, they return to the Thousand Sunny to search for the Monster Trio, but it surely appears the zombies had just a little enjoyable with these dopes earlier than leaving the ship.

Usually, an individual will not get up for twenty-four hours after having their shadow taken from them, and even Franky’s fists are not doing the trick. Fortunately, Usopp is aware of precisely what to say to get up their strongest fighters. The sniper cries out, “There’s a beautiful female swordmaster carrying lots of meat!” Proper on cue, all three of them get up with pained however decided expressions. It is a brief however hilarious little second, reminding us that our strongest fighters all have one-track minds.

The Monster Trio vs Pacafista

Issues are determined for the Straw Hat Pirates, as after leaving Shakky’s Bar, they’re met with a deceptively acquainted foe. The Pacafista is overwhelmingly highly effective, requiring the entire Straw Hats collectively to take it down. They slowly chip away at it, managing to evade its lightning-fast mild beam assaults by a hair till they handle to make it malfunction. Lastly, it is as much as the Monster Trio to ship the ultimate blow. Sanji strikes at it together with his burning Flambage Shot, Zoro tears via it together with his 9 Sword Type Ashura kind, and Luffy crushes the Pacafista with a large Gum-Gum Big Rifle. It is a wonderful chain of assaults, demonstrating the Monster Trio’s energy and teamwork whereas additionally giving the viewers a false sense of security, oblivious to what’s coming subsequent.

Monster Trio vs The New Fishman Pirates

There’s quite a bit to be stated concerning the stage of belief the Straw Hats have for one another. It is a part of what makes them so downright likable; the viewers can put their religion in them due to how a lot they put their religion in one another. In Chapter #636, when Luffy sees the kraken Surume crushing Shirahoshi on the orders of Hody Jones, he steps in. Hody has Surume’s brother as a prisoner, and the one factor protecting him alive is the kraken following the extremist’s orders. Luffy understands this, as he is aware of what it is prefer to need to defend a brother, and so he simply asks Surume to belief him.

Luffy then casually walks towards Hody as two of the New Fishman Pirates’ lieutenants stand in the way in which. Nonetheless, Luffy does not cease to combat them and simply retains strolling ahead. Sanji and Zoro then seem beside their captain, defending him in order that he can provide Hody what’s coming to him. Luffy demonstrates that he can put his religion in others to avoid wasting the individuals he cares about to Surume, permitting the kraken to do the identical.

Zoro and Sanji Will Catch a Glimpse of Pirate King Luffy

Luffy might not be bodily current on this scene, however he’s nonetheless very a lot part of it. In Chapter #1022, the Beast Pirate All-Stars, King and Queen, are making brief work of the samurai and gifters who betrayed them. Marco is barely maintaining with them on his personal and Zoro is within the means of restoration. Lastly although, when the second requires it, the 2 “wings” of the King of Pirates emerge, hanging at each King and Queen with disastrous impact. What’s particularly nice about this motion panel is what the duo says afterward. Zoro reminds Sanji, “Once they conqueror the enemy in front of them…” and Sanji finishes it off by saying “….We’re going to catch a glimpse of Luffy as the King of the Pirates.”

Plainly all through Onigashima, the crew has been referring to Luffy because the “future” Pirate King or that he’ll turn into King of the Pirates. This serves as reaffirmation all through this arc particularly of what makes that dream really feel so attainable. It will be thrilling to see Luffy’s wings react once they discover him combating Kaido with a dragon of his very personal within the type of Momo.


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