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The Pokémon Anime’s History of Teasing New Pokémon (Far) Ahead of Time


In November of 1999, kids’s minds have been being blown throughout the nation throughout Pokémon: The First Film when a coach challenged Ash — then despatched out a model new Pokémon. Within the early days of Pokémon, “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” appeared pretty doable, contemplating there have been solely 151 Pokémon. Essentially the most profitable media franchise of all time has maintained its recognition by constantly introducing new Pokémon. The anime specifically has been used quite a lot of occasions to highlight new Pokémon forward of the video video games.

The custom of introducing a brand new Pokémon within the anime goes all the best way again to the Episode 1, the place Ash and Pikachu see a Ho-Oh. This mysterious Pokémon was definitely not among the many recognized 151, and Ash’s Pokédex did not determine it. This is how the thought of latest Pokémon ready to be found has saved the franchise on the forefront of mainstream popular culture for 25 years.

Misty's Togepi in Pokemon

Each few years, Pokémon will launch a brand new era of video games stuffed with new Pokémon to satisfy and seize. Ho-Oh, Donphan, and the Marill that appeared in a brief earlier than Mewtwo Strikes Again every belong to Era II. On the time, it was incomprehensible to followers that there might be an endlessly huge world of Pokémon to discover. The anime’s behavior of introducing a number of Pokémon a complete Era forward of time is a win/win: it assures older followers extra content material is coming, and it is a pleasant shock for the youthful followers’ creativeness.

Regardless of how thrilling it’s when a brand new Pokémon is launched, the anime tends to not pay a lot consideration to the wonderment side. Misty’s Togepi was a thriller throughout the first few seasons, not being part of the unique 151. But Ash, Misty and Brock do not spend a lot time questioning what Togepi is or the place its egg might have come from; they merely settle for it and transfer on. Professor Oak would not take it too severely both when Ash tries to persuade him he noticed an unidentified Pokémon, assuming the younger new coach simply made a mistake.

Pokémon‘s many function movies should not a part of the collection’ official canon, however they’re incessantly used to introduce Pokémon from future Generations. Lucario, Buizel, and Munchlax are from Era IV, but every made their debut in numerous Era III movies. This apply seems to have been retired although, as 2011’s Zoroark: Grasp of Illusions was the final time a brand new Pokémon appeared forward of its Era in a function movie.

As video video games go, Pokémon is on the simpler finish of the spectrum, with its storylines and targets being largely finite. As soon as the sport’s core goal has been achieved, there may be seldom the rest to do. This is not an amazing recipe for longevity, so a dependable inflow of latest Pokémon is important to retaining followers . The franchise manages to kill two Pidgey with one Geodude by utilizing the anime to plug new Pokémon for the video games, guaranteeing followers have a purpose to remain invested in each mediums.

Introducing a brand new Pokémon forward of time can also be an amazing dialog starter, permitting followers to invest relying on how a lot context the collection provides to its look. Donphan was launched throughout the The First Film‘s opening credit, so with none dialogue, there was no indication of its kind and even its title. The one proof was that it was defeated with a Photo voltaic Beam, but shortly afterward Pikachu defeated a Floor-type Golem with an Electrical-type assault, which means followers could not rely too closely on kind proof when forming theories.

The anime’s behavior of introducing new Pokémon has turn into much less frequent lately. It is too unhealthy as a result of battles tackle entire new vitality when neither Ash nor the viewers has seen the opponent’s Pokémon earlier than. Particularly contemplating how typically Ash says, “What’s that?” when a Pokémon that has existed for years and he has canonically seen earlier than. This has even been considered one of Pokémon‘s well-known prevent-Ash-from-succeeding strategies, as Ash was eradicated from the Johto League Championships by a coach who was utilizing a Blaziken.


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