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The Real-Life Legend of Toilet-Bound Hanako (and Other Toilet Ghosts)


Rest room-Certain Hanako-kun is a collection that pulls on the ghost tales kids inform to scare each other. Whereas one might imagine {that a} little one haunting a faculty toilet is relatively unusual, it is not the one legend of its form, with a number of ghosts lurking within the shadows of public restrooms. It might be mentioned that the thought comes from the worry of one thing getting you in one of the vital susceptible conditions an individual might be in — and often additionally in an space away from prying eyes.

Within the West, we dare one another to enter a darkish toilet and chant Bloody Mary and even Candyman, anticipating to glimpse a imaginative and prescient of a vengeful specter. To provide you an thought of what sort of spirits cover at nighttime toilet stalls of Japan, listed below are 4 ghosts it is best to be careful for the following time you want some “privacy.”


Yokai Watch Hanako

Whereas a male in Rest room-Certain Hanako-kun, the unique story incorporates a younger lady, often sporting a purple gown or skirt and sporting a bobbed haircut. Whereas the story varies from college to high school, the end result is often the identical: dying in some ugly vogue. The legend started making the rounds within the ’50s, when World Warfare II was nonetheless recent within the minds of Japanese residents. Some declare that she is the spirit of a woman who was killed in an air-raid whereas taking part in hide-and-seek. Different sources say she was killed by a stranger and even an abusive dad or mum in the bathroom of the varsity.

Summoning her is so simple as knocking on the third stall of the third-floor lady’s toilet 3 times and asking, “Hanako-San, are you there?” It’s possible you’ll hear her say, “Yes, I am.” You may additionally see a bloody hand, and even Hanako-san herself, simply earlier than you get dragged to hell for disturbing her.

Aka Manto

Aka Manto Red Cape Video Game

Normally translated as “Red Cape,” “Red Cloak” or “Red Mantle,” this spirit was as soon as a good-looking younger man who all the time wore a purple manto (conventional Japanese vest) or cape, and was instantly liked by any girl who laid eyes on him. Due to the fixed consideration, he began sporting a masks to hide his face. Sooner or later, he died, though how is rarely actually clarified. Nevertheless, it is mentioned that he died within the final stall of the varsity toilet. He returned as a vengeful spirit, sporting his trademark cape and masks. Now, he haunts the final stall of public restrooms.

He’ll ask toilet guests, “Red paper or blue paper?” or “Red cloak or blue cloak?” Do you have to reply purple, he’ll both minimize your throat or head off, inflicting the blood to show your physique purple. If you happen to reply blue, he’ll suffocate you till your face turns blue. If you happen to attempt to outsmart him and reply a unique coloration, a pair of fingers will come via the bathroom and drag you to hell. The story has origins within the Nineteen Thirties and is most probably impressed by a collection of 1906 killings often known as the Blue Blanket Murders.


Studio Ghibli No Face

Followers of Studio Ghibli could acknowledge this spirit as No-Face, who was featured in Spirited Away. It is mentioned that often, this creature was a badger or raccoon-dog known as a mujina or a kitsune (fox spirit). It will tackle the type of Noppera-Bo, which might be humanoid in type however have solely a flat sheet of pores and skin the place the face needs to be. Actual Noppera-Bo spirits wish to hang-out public bathrooms — often, girls’s restrooms, lonely roads or wherever people may be remoted. Whereas not as threatening as the opposite spirits listed, this nonetheless is not one thing individuals would most likely need to see when doing their enterprise. This story has roots within the Edo Interval of Japan.


Teke Teke 2009 movie

Usually discovered close to prepare tracks, Teke-Teke is definitely an onomatopoeia of the sound this spirit’s elbows make as she drags herself alongside the bottom. Normally, she’s a schoolgirl who tragically fell onto the tracks proper as a prepare approached, severing her torso from her legs. In consequence, she returned as a vengeful ghost, searching for her misplaced legs. Showing at night time, she’ll chase individuals down with a scythe, which she makes use of to slice them in half.

When it comes to haunting restrooms, there is a specific model of this story that incorporates a Teke-Teke by the title of Kashima Reiko. Her story is alleged to predate that of contemporary Teke-Teke legends, together with her spirit haunting public restrooms, often that of prepare stations. She’ll ask if you understand the place her legs are, to which the proper reply is “On the Meishin Expressway.” She’ll ask you, “Who told you?” The proper reply is “Kashima Reiko.” Lastly, she is going to ask what her actual title is, to which the reply is “Kamen shinin ma.” This roughly interprets to “Mask Death Demon” and is a doable phonetic root of “Kashima.” You would possibly need to save these solutions someplace, because it’s mentioned that she’ll seem inside one month of studying about her…


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