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The Vampire Dies in No Time: Draluc’s Father Brings an Unexpectedly Sincere Moment


WARNING: The next article accommodates spoilers for Episode 7 of The Vampire Dies in No Time, at present streaming on Funimation. 

The Vampire Dies in No Time is a tongue-in-cheek gag anime with no time for plot improvement or character arcs. This easygoing feeling and the rapid-fire jokes are the sequence’ best strengths, however that does not imply the sequence cannot have some significant moments.

Draluc is a weak vampire who lives with vampire hunter Ronaldo. A phase in Episode 7 sees Draluc’s father Draus go to their house to see how he is managing whereas dwelling within the metropolis. When Draus discovers the best way Ronaldo has been treating Draluc, he decides to take him again dwelling — however he’ll have to seek out him first.

Ronaldo chastises Draus, who has a photo album, in The Vampire Dies in No Time.

The phase begins with Draluc interrupting Ronaldo’s autobiography writing to attempt to get him to play video video games. As a substitute, Ronaldo leaves Draluc with the neighborhood youngsters so he can work in peace. When Ronaldo returns to the house, he finds Draus ready for him. Displaying Ronaldo a e-book of photographs of Draluc, Draus explains his sworn obligation to guard Draluc. Ronaldo assaults Draus out of behavior, inflicting him to appreciate that Ronaldo continuously kills Draluc. John, Draluc’s armadillo acquainted, turns into despondent when he recollects one of many occasions that he was mistreated by Ronaldo as effectively. Draus, horrified, decides that it is time to take Draluc dwelling.

Ronaldo doesn’t need to lose Draluc as a result of his readers reply effectively to their partnership. As the 2 set off to search for Draluc within the metropolis, they stumble upon a number of characters who do not know the place he could possibly be. Vampire Management agent Hinaichi hasn’t seen him, however being an enormous fan of Draluc’s cooking, asks Ronaldo to get him to make pudding for her, Vampire Empress Maremi Gekkoin laughs on the state of affairs, questioning if Draluc and Ronaldo are “fighting,” whereas the hunter with a bionic arm is nervous to fulfill Draluc’s father. Comically, the one one that may need details about the place Draluc is is Ronaldo’s self-styled nemesis Tou Handa, whom Ronaldo walks away from.

Draus listens to the townspeople’s testimony and realizes what a turbulent repute Draluc has made for himself within the metropolis. He reminisces about Draluc’s lonely life in his outdated citadel. In flashback, Draus recollects asking Draluc whether or not he was bored on their own in his citadel, however on the time, Draluc says he is content material with simply John and his video games. That is adopted by a shot that zooms out and emphasizes how solitary Draluc is within the citadel. Deciding that Draluc’s life has grow to be extra attention-grabbing and seeing that he has made extra buddies since dwelling with Ronaldo, Draus decides that Draluc ought to keep in spite of everything. Even when his life has grow to be considerably extra harmful, Draus notes that Draluc appears to be having enjoyable in his new dwelling.

There are a number of explanation why this straightforward scene is so efficient. The townspeople’s testimony references particular occasions from the sequence, from Draluc cooking for Hinaichi in Episode 4 to one thing as current as a hunter’s plea for Draluc to cease calling him a sure nickname due to a gag in the identical episode. The way in which these humorous moments from earlier episodes are introduced as usually attribute of Draluc realistically come collectively to point out how seemingly insignificant occasions can add as much as create powerfully nostalgic reminiscences.

Draluc stands alone in his castle holding John in The Vampire Dies in No Time.

One other highly effective factor of the phase is a quick flashback to Draluc’s loneliness in his citadel. The truth that Draluc appears completely content material to not have any human or vampire buddies and to spend each day doing nothing however play video video games comes off as a bit pitiful. However this additionally makes the life Draluc has now that he not solely has John and his video video games, but in addition has a neighborhood of buddies and goes on enjoyable adventures with them. It additionally contrasts Draus’ remark that he has protected Draluc his complete life, as a result of now he’s studying that Draluc has managed to thrive in his personal method as a part of a completely completely different world that Draus knew nothing about.

Lastly, it’s impactful as a result of it’s so surprising. In anime with back-to-back emotional scenes, the fixed drama might be exhausting. Taking a sequence with ridiculous, upbeat characters like Draluc and Ronaldo and exploring their emotional improvement is surprisingly efficient as a result of it isn’t anticipated. This phase is emotional, however not tragic or heartrending. The sequence was sensible to make use of such a lightweight contact in portraying the emotional excessive level of Draus’s delight in his son and his new, extra adventurous life. An excessively unhappy or profound emotional scene may need undermined the simple enchantment of the characters.

The Vampire Dies in No Time is a comedy above all, however nice comedy comes from robust characters. This impact might be strengthened when the characters are humanized, as on this unexpectedly emotional phase that will get the viewers to care about Draluc’s psychological wellbeing greater than ever earlier than. The sequence will certainly return to its repeatedly scheduled nonsense within the subsequent episode although, however stronger than ever with this new perception into its solid.


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