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The Vampire Dies in No Time Episode 8: John Is an Armadillo Worth Protecting


WARNING: The next article incorporates spoilers for Episode 8 of The Vampire Dies in No Time, at the moment streaming on Funimation.

The Vampire Dies in No Time is a comedy anime about Draluc and Ronaldo, a vampire and vampire hunter who dwell collectively. The sequence’ most iconic character may be Draluc’s armadillo acquainted, John. Trying to find the sequence on Twitter and Tumblr reveals numerous memes and feedback celebrating the cuteness of John’s character. Episode 8 of the comedy places John’s mild nature to the take a look at as he will get thrown right into a harmful journey, however it additionally reveals that the armadillo is simply as standard throughout the universe as he’s outdoors of it.

John ventures to purchase bean jam pancakes, however a farcical sequence of misunderstandings leads to him getting kidnapped by Nagiri Tsujigiri, the fearsome vampire Draluc unwittingly defeated in Episode 5. The armadillo’s journey grows extra harmful as a spider-like vampire, who’s chargeable for a sequence of youngsters’s disappearances, joins the combination. All through all of it, John stays resolutely sort and forgiving — and although he does not have a vampiric chew, his persona is arguably simply as infectious.

When John is late coming back from his errand to get the pancakes for himself and his roommates, Ronaldo worries that he has been kidnapped. Draluc laughs this off, prompting Ronaldo to accuse him of being inhumane. It usually looks as if Ronaldo cares about John greater than Draluc does, however a special interpretation supported by this scene is that Draluc is aware of higher how resilient John is. Draluc and Ronaldo are like dad and mom, every with a special concept about what’s greatest for him. John makes use of a payphone to inform Draluc that he can be residence late, however a moth scares him away.

Draluc errors this for John being kidnapped, and Ronaldo rallies the vampire hunters’ guild and the vampire management company to search out him. John’s fan membership and the comfort retailer staff from Episode 1 be a part of the search. It’s heartwarming but hilarious that John has in some way earned such an enormous variety of followers. The truth that Draluc has no concept who the fan membership members are, regardless of John being his acquainted, reveals how the size of John’s recognition has grown past even his consciousness.

John jumps over a train station barrier in The Vampire Dies in No Time.

When his disappearance is introduced publicly, John is chased away by two youngsters who need to get the reward cash. He’s in the end compelled to board a prepare to get away from a flock of “Old-Man-Legs Ostriches,” however as he runs away he makes certain to faucet his card on the scanner as leaps over the barrier. John’s refusal to board free of charge even when operating for his life is one other expression of his golden persona. Voice actor Mutsumi Tamura (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Naruto) does an unimaginable job conveying John’s delight, misery and reduction with nothing greater than a sequence of well-timed and emotionally charged “nu” sounds.

John is quickly, sarcastically, kidnapped by Nagiri. The vampire is genuinely terrifying as he creates weapons together with his personal blood. He needs to kill John as revenge since he blames Draluc for ensuing within the lack of his immortality. The comfort retailer employees spot the pair, loudly alerting the remainder of the search occasion. Nagiri in the end decides to go away John behind, prioritizing his security over his delight. John pats Nagiri’s hood together with his paw, prompting him to reply, “Don’t try to console me.” That is one other instance of John’s distinctive kindness, comforting even the kidnapper who wished to kill him. The truth that Nagiri rejects it units him aside from John’s legion of followers. This makes his later actions much more shocking and significant.

At this second, a large spider monster with unnervingly human arms seems and kidnaps John. Nagiri shortly realizes that that is the vampire that has been kidnapping youngsters in Shin-Yokohama, and that the search occasion nonetheless believes Nagiri has John. This means they may blame Nagiri for each crimes. For fully egocentric causes, Nagiri has no alternative however to rescue the beloved armadillo.

John and the youngsters are wrapped up in spider net cocoons reminiscent of Demon Slayer‘s “Natagumo Mountain” arc. The Spider Monster grabs John and tries to inject him with venom. Nagiri bursts in, decapitating the Spider Monster with considered one of his blood blades. He curses himself for “acting like a hunter,” and threatens John to not inform anybody as he shakes his paws placatingly. Even so, John tugs on Nagiri’s cloak and provides him one of many pancakes.

Tsujigiri Nagiri beheads the Hidden Spider Monster vampire in The Vampire Dies in No Time.

Draluc, Ronaldo, and the others arrive on the Spider Monster’s hideout. As the opposite hunters free the youngsters, a tearful Draluc calls out to John and runs in the direction of him. Draluc holds John near his face. Given the damaging experiences Draluc has put John via, it is good to be reminded of their general constructive and mutually supportive relationship with this delicate scene. Ronaldo additionally comforts John, one other reminder that within the quick time period they’ve identified one another, Ronaldo has come to look after him simply as a lot.

Nagiri is proven consuming his pancake. Even accepting John’s reward would possibly imply that the armadillo’s considerate persona has rubbed off on Nagiri considerably. That is itself endearing because it suggests that the intimidating vampire has a delicate aspect. He complains that the pancake has gone chilly. This last remark punctuates John’s odyssey with a reminder of how lengthy it should have been since John first purchased the pancakes, and the way far he has strayed from his easy mission of bringing them residence.


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