Sony’s new, lighter PS5 mannequin with a smaller heatsink has been put by means of intensive testing by Avid gamers Nexus and Digital Foundry, and in the end, it doesn’t appear that there are important sufficient variations between the 2 fashions to hunt one over the opposite.

“We overall haven’t seen any major downsides to either heatsink,” Steve Burke, editor-in-chief of Avid gamers Nexus, said in a video. “It seems to be [that] the fans make a decent difference, but not enough of one where you should pursue purchasing a specific fan.”

“We also wouldn’t really recommend pursuing a specific console,” Burke continued. “The 1100 [the revised console] versus the 1000 series [the launch console] … they’re not, in our testing, that different. There are a lot of ways to test these things. Maybe there’s a scenario we haven’t found yet. But we’re not seeing a huge difference. At least, not one that should make you go crazy on eBay trying to find a specific unit. And don’t overpay for one, either, at least if you can avoid it.”

That mentioned, in case you’re taken with studying in regards to the finer particulars of the variations between the brand new PS5 and the previous PS5, it’s price watching Avid gamers Nexusnearly 37-minute long video evaluating the 2 designs. Avid gamers Nexus and Digital Foundry collaborated on testing the totally different fashions.

Digital Foundry, in its own lengthy but interesting video that’s worth watching, additionally noticed solely small variations within the two variations of the PS5. “The experience of owning [the 1100 series] was basically identical [to the 1000 series],” concluded Digital Foundry’s Wealthy Leadbetter. He shared related sentiments in an article on Eurogamer.

It appears probably that Sony is planning to roll out the CFI-1100 collection PS5 as the brand new de facto mannequin, so in case you’re nonetheless on the hunt for one of many elusive consoles, you might find yourself with the revised model. However primarily based on Avid gamers Nexus’ and Digital Foundry’s testing, it doesn’t seem you want to fear an excessive amount of about which model you get.


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