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These Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Homunculi Received the Wrong Fate


Lust, Gluttony, Envy,  Greed, Wrath, Sloth, and Pleasure–the homunculi villains of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood are maybe extra well-known than their Father himself, every pursuing the protagonists of the collection as hidden risks and uneasy allies. Their varied demises throughout the collection warrant differing ranges of triumph and sorrow, however one factor that has all the time been agreed on is that the deaths of the homunculi have which means, although that which means will not be merely irony as some have claimed.

Every demise may be tied to a cardinal sin in Dante’s Inferno, the basic epic poem describing the descent into Hell. The Inferno and the sins as they seem in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood are deeply entrenched in western tradition so the connection is hardly a shock. Nevertheless, whereas a lot of the homunculi die in a manner that matches their sin, two homunculi defy the sample in a manner that not solely condemns one to an unwarranted destiny however deprives the opposite of the prospect to satisfy their true nature.

Understanding the connection to Dante’s Inferno provides which means to the mere irony in the way in which the homunculi die. The primary homunculus to die is Lust, who many level out is killed by Roy Mustang, who is called a womanizer. Nevertheless, Lust will not be merely killed by Mustang. She is turned to mud because the wind blows the items of her physique away. Inside Dante’s Hell, the lustful are handled to the identical fate–they are trapped in a whirlwind, by no means in a position to escape the maelstrom of their feelings. Lust’s demise kicks off a string of deaths that proceed the connection to The Inferno.

Envy is infamous for being the one to homicide Maes Hughes, and the reveal of that reality almost leads Roy Mustang to his personal destruction within the want for revenge. Envy in the end rips out their Thinker’s Stone to commit suicide. Nevertheless, suicide will not be the symbolic a part of Envy’s demise. As an alternative, it’s Envy’s struggling at Mustang’s hand that’s essential. One of many first issues that Mustang does to Envy is to blow out their eyes. What in regards to the envious in Dante’s Inferno? Since they as soon as had pleasure in seeing others endure, they’ve their eyes sewn shut and sit collectively, ashamed of their look, the identical as how Envy cannot stand being checked out of their true type.

Sloth is an fascinating sin to be explored by The Inferno and it explains his conduct in an appropriate manner. The supposed irony in Sloth’s demise is that he’s killed by the Armstrong siblings, who’re diligent. Nevertheless, to Dante, the slothful and the wrathful are intimately linked. They each reside in a river of sludge the place the wrathful are repeatedly combating and the slothful lie within the swamp till a sudden rage comes upon them and so they assault in a frenzy earlier than settling again down once more.

This frenzy of combating is how Sloth places on his sudden bursts of velocity. The lack of the slothful to battle for lengthy intervals of time is what kills Sloth in the long run, not the truth that he fought the Armstrongs. Tied up with Sloth is Wrath, who has sought fixed battle in his life. Wrath’s demise is each ironic and becoming to The Inferno as he dies so Scar could put aside his personal wrathful urges. Wrath, because the artifical homunculus, is allowed to specific his remorse over what he turned, however in the end he was chosen to change into Wrath as a consequence of his personal qualities, because the wrathful find yourself of their everlasting battle as a consequence of their very own nature.

Greed is a fan favourite homunculus along with his personal ties to Dante’s Inferno. To Dante, there are two kinds of greed; the primary is hoarding obsessively and the second is extreme spending. In his model of Hell, these two teams push boulders forwards and backwards at one another, a continuing battle between two sides of the identical coin. Greed himself is in fixed battle between the 2 selves he has been however, because the Avaricious, he chooses to hoard followers. It’s when Greed spends his personal power in extra to defeat Father that he dies, one persona lastly triumphing over the opposite.

Regardless of these connections, two homunculi break the sample and obtain the improper destiny. Gluttony is devoured by Pleasure, which is a tragic finish, but improper. The gluttonous are supposed to wallow in filth, very similar to Gluttony’s insides. A becoming demise would have been some form of self-destruction so Gluttony is trapped inside himself. Nevertheless, if the story was going to spare a homunculus, Gluttony can be the only option. In fact, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is not any stranger to tragic ends for youngsters and the infantile, however that’s the reason sparing Pleasure is all of the extra perplexing when the destiny of the prideful would have been far more fascinating.

fullmetal alchemist pride

Pleasure is the oldest and most harmful of all of the homunculi and is overwhelmed down till his true type of a child is yanked out of his physique by Edward Elric, which is supposedly becoming as a result of Ed was as soon as prideful. Going by Dante’s Inferno, although, the path Pleasure really ought to have taken would have been to problem Father and be destroyed for his transgression, the identical as Lucifer as soon as challenged God. This might have positioned Ed and Pleasure on the identical aspect in opposition to Father for a brief time frame, having Ed battle alongside the sin that led to him and his brother shedding their our bodies. Thematically, this may have been far more impactful because it hyperlinks the sins to humanity in a manner that reminds the viewers that the sins are solely evil in extra. So as a substitute of getting Ed defeat Pleasure after which giving him a second probability at life, permitting Pleasure to shine as Lucifer as soon as did in opposition to God would have been a way more appropriate finish for the oldest and strongest of the homunculi as Pleasure. Pleasure wouldn’t obtain redemption, however his demise can be superb.

In the end, it will have made essentially the most sense for the entire homunculi to die over the course of the story to chip away on the reality Father as soon as tried to take away all these ugly human elements from himself. Nevertheless, the truth that Gluttony died at Pleasure’s hand just for Pleasure to overlook out on the prospect to defy Father is a disappointment. Gluttony didn’t deserve this betrayal by his brother–though it’s correct that traitors and the prideful are on the identical degree of Hell– and Pleasure was by no means given the prospect to actually inhabit his being. His conduct was solely ever actually boastful and by no means pushed the boundaries into the form of satisfaction that befits his sin, the satisfaction that might lead youngsters to suppose they might carry their mom again to life. Pleasure’s potential character arc was by no means acted upon and he ended up a unfastened finish that earned redemption for no good cause. At that time, it will have made essentially the most sense to easily kill on the homunculi as a substitute of permitting Pleasure to dwell once more as Selim Bradley.


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