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This Chilling Avatar Theory Explains Why Korra Has a Firebender Personality


The Legend of Korra introduced an Avatar with a character far totally different from Aang’s. Whereas the hero of Avatar: The Final Airbender was a playful pacifist who most well-liked video games and evasion to head-on battle, Avatar Korra proved from the beginning of the sequel sequence that she had a fiery character much more befitting the hot-headed Hearth Nation than the tranquil Water Tribe. And that is probably not a coincidence.

The finale to the unique sequence noticed Aang use a never-before-seen bending approach that is still mysterious to at the present time, and its penalties might have left the spirit of Raava (which might reincarnate in Korra) extra tainted than he realized. A brand new concept proposes there may be an precise rationalization for the distinction between Aang and Korra, and if nothing else, it provides Avatar followers lots to consider.

Proper from her introduction, it was clear that Avatar Korra was totally different from her predecessor Aang. At the same time as a toddler she burst right into a room to bend three totally different parts and declare “I’m the Avatar and you’ve gotta deal with it!” A far extra confrontational angle than Aang’s extra passive character, as whilst she grew older Korra maintained her headstrong mentality. That very same character made her good for Firebending, already mastered in her teenage years and confirmed to be one in every of her go-to choices in any battle. However, although the Avatar is the grasp of all 4 parts, Korra’s choice might strike some as a bit of odd. In any case, she’s from the Water Tribe.

Character variations in Avatar usually align with the kind of a Bender an individual is, and Waterbending and Firebending are thought-about opposites that require utterly totally different mentalities for his or her method. Whereas Waterbending blends offense and protection in a affected person and versatile type, Firebending is favored for its aggressive use of an onslaught offense. Aang took to Waterbending naturally throughout his lifetime, however it appears one thing modified in his subsequent life when he was reincarnated. For probably the most half, it is cheap to chalk that as much as a distinction of character, however a recent theory on Reddit proposes that there’s an precise rationalization for the drastic shift in character from Aang to Korra.

Within the finale to Avatar: The Final Airbender, Aang was adamant that he not finish the Hundred 12 months Struggle by taking his foe Firelord Ozai’s life. Granted a singular skill by the Lion Turtle, Aang as a substitute opted to take away Ozai’s energy with Energybending, restraining the Firelord earlier than purifying him with the blue mild of his spirit. However the brand new approach almost got here at a dire price as Ozai’s personal crimson vitality corrupted Aang’s physique, almost overtaking him utterly earlier than a ultimate burst of vitality ended the battle in Aang’s favor. In keeping with the current concept, Aang did not truly stroll away from the conflict unscathed. As a substitute, Ozai’s firebending spirit left an impression on the spirit of Raava that will later reincarnate because the extra fire-oriented Korra.

The idea is a bit of far-fetched and not likely mandatory by way of answering a query that was not likely a thriller. In any case, a spread of personalities is current amongst each sort of Bender with out the necessity to level to some corrupting affect on their spirit previously. The pleasant and delicate Bolin is as a lot an Earthbender because the robust and callous Toph, as an example. However the concept does present an fascinating avenue of thought concerning the unseen penalties of Ozai’s corrupting affect. Energybending by no means contains such a dramatic contest between spirits because it did in Avatar‘s finale, and when Aang later removes Yakone’s bending, he’s seen doing so with none menace of corruption.

What would have occurred if Ozai had received out within the sequence’ ultimate moments, and the way did his resistance differ from Yakone’s? These are intriguing questions that the sequence sheds little mild on, and Energybending, generally, is probably the one most mysterious bending artwork within the franchise. Avatars at all times vary throughout a spectrum of personalities, with Wan, Yangchen, Kuruk, Kyoshi and Roku being as totally different from each other as Aang and Korra. If every Avatar is reincarnated as the following, it might make sense that there is some rationalization for why their personalities diverge so extraordinarily from one life to the following.

The likelihood that every of their spirits undergoes a change all through their lifetimes is intriguing. Definitely, Avatar Kuruk underwent his personal religious injury, as detailed in The Shadow of Kyoshi novel, and with so little identified about different Avatars, it is doable every one had distinctive battles that ended up having a ripple impact throughout their lifetimes. Even when the idea is not particularly convincing, it gives invaluable meals for thought, and if the franchise ever has, say, an evil Avatar, this might go a great distance in explaining how such a majorly dire occasion might happen within the harmonious world the place their safety is paramount in sustaining steadiness.


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