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This Naruto Fan Counted Every Flashback in the Series – Here They Are


Anime is infamous for flashback sequences, some sequence greater than others. Naruto is famend for being particularly flashback-heavy, and in 2017, a fan determined to do an precise rely. This fan, who want to go by Maddy, watched the unique Naruto sequence with 220 episodes between July 2017 and July 2019, ultimately finishing an inventory of each single flashback within the anime basic.

An unimaginable variety of 791 flashbacks are included within the Naruto anime, not even together with Naruto Shippuden. This evens out to between three to 4 flashbacks per episode. The listing of flashbacks, which will be seen on Maddy’s weblog here, teams the flashbacks by theme, giving an thought of what the anime was continually drawing the viewers’s consideration again to. For the highest three, 47 flashbacks have been about Sasuke and the Uchiha Clan and 56 flashbacks have been in regards to the Land of the Wave Arc and associated characters. On the prime of the listing, with a whopping 98 flashbacks, are the Chuunin Exams. Except for these oft-referenced situations, Maddy additionally counted flashbacks to occasions such because the Gosunkugi Seize Mission, the Kyuubi Assault and Naruto’s beginning.

sasuke protecting naruto land of waves

Maddy got down to rely the flashbacks in Naruto Shippuden as properly, and is at present on Episode 90 with 278 flashbacks so far, hitting rather less than Naruto at round three flashbacks per episode. They’re nonetheless decided to complete the rely. When requested about the way it felt to rely up the flashbacks, Maddy shed some mild on what it is wish to tear right into a nostalgic favourite. “It definitely felt like it changed my view of the show,” they mentioned, “When each episode is 20 minutes long and you get two minutes for the intro and another minute playing the last bit of the previous episode, there isn’t much time for actual plot and when that 17 minutes are taken up with flashbacks of things we’ve already seen (not to mention the absurd amount of inner monologuing) you feel like nothing ever happens and just watching it becomes tedious, not fun.”

The expertise of counting up the flashbacks modified Maddy’s view of the present. “I could watch an episode and the only thing to happen is two characters staring at each other and inner monologuing about their childhood,” they mentioned. Maddy defined that they nonetheless love the Naruto sequence however select to get pleasure from it in different mediums now, equivalent to fan fiction, the place the story and characters can nonetheless be loved and explored however by means of the voices of different followers. After finishing the flashback rely for Naruto Shippuden, they do not see themselves watching Shippuden once more, though maybe sooner or later, they are going to rewatch the primary half.

Maddy’s commentary is a fairly heavy blow in opposition to Naruto and its love for flashbacks, and a few could even see it as an insult. Nevertheless, when requested about critiquing and accepting critique about nostalgic favorites, Maddy agreed that they too get irrationally mad when folks critique issues they’re nostalgic for. “But at the end of the day,” they added, “No piece of media is perfect, nostalgic or not.”

Would Naruto have been improved by slicing the flashbacks out? Precisely which flashbacks are necessary to really remind the viewers of occasions and that are easy filler to one thing that occurred 5 minutes earlier? When requested in regards to the relevancy of flashbacks, Maddy answered that “I think if it isn’t relevant to whatever is happening in the episode it shouldn’t be in there. If it’s for emotional or character development then it’s okay but it should only be used in the right moments. No spamming the sad swing every episode,” they added. “Less is more.”

Itachi prepares to kill his parents, who are under his genjutsu

Whereas flashbacks to assist the viewers keep in mind sure particulars in addition to so as to add emotion to a scene appear helpful to some anime, infinite flashbacks will be tiresome even for a fan on a rewatch mission. As Maddy mentioned, this will find yourself losing beneficial time and even result in boring episodes of occasions which have already been seen. If a flashback has been used too typically, it should “spam the sad swing” and stop to have any actual emotional affect. When requested in the event that they choose up on the flashbacks in every thing now, Maddy mentioned that they haven’t discovered a present as responsible as Naruto for flashback utilization and that almost all different media is aware of find out how to use flashbacks extra properly.

Nonetheless, this listing shouldn’t be meant to insult followers of Naruto. Maddy stays a fan by means of different mediums and wouldn’t have spent two years fastidiously selecting the present aside for flashbacks in the event that they did not love the story and its characters. If something, it may be an inventory to look again at and snigger about, recognizing the failings of a long-time favourite. With 791 flashbacks in whole, Naruto has nearly definitely picked up some information, at the least till the listing for Naruto Shippuden is accomplished. Followers can take a look at the list of Naruto flashbacks at Maddy’s weblog to see which occasions received performed again and again, snigger a bit after which maybe go rewatch them as soon as once more themselves.


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