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To Your Eternity: Hayase’s Fushi Obsession Is Creeping Everyone Out


WARNING: The next comprises spoilers for To Your Eternity Episode 17, “The Defeated,” now streaming on Crunchyroll, in addition to dialogue of sexual assault.

Hayase is additional cementing herself as essentially the most despicable villain in To Your Eternity. Certain, the Nokkers are an issue with their vessel-stealing skills and talent to take Fushi’s reminiscences away, however Hayase is way worse.

Ever since she met Fushi in Ninannah, she’s been obsessive about the immortal being. At first, it gave the impression to be rooted in a starvation for his powers, like when she subjected him to heinous experiments. However now in Episode 17, Hayase’s obsession is bordering on what she thinks is ‘love’ — and that is far more harmful.

to your eternity hayase sexual assault fushi

The primary couple of minutes of To Your Eternity Episode 17 convey up an entire mixture of feelings. To the shock of everybody within the enviornment, Hayase soundly defeats Fushi. Then she has the audacity to stake a declare on Fushi and steals all of the credit score for caring for him from March, Fushi’s actual mom. She’s doing all the pieces she will be able to to insert herself into his life.

Lastly, she implores all of the residents of Jananda to guard Fushi, citing that the heavens have been a consider bringing him there. It isn’t dissimilar to how she brainwashed the Ninannah individuals with the parable of Oniguma to frighten them into primarily murdering younger ladies. She claims Fushi is the one one who can change their fates, resulting in rousing cheers from everybody — besides Tonari and her pals.

Fushi, presumably because of the results of the western morning glory, hallucinates being again in Booze Man’s house the place he is greeted by Shin, Rean, and Booze Man himself. He tells them he hasn’t completed something regardless of his immortality. They attempt to consolation him by telling him he is not alone — he has additionally March and Gugu — however Fushi reminds them that they are all lifeless. Surprisingly, it is Shin who reminds him that his energy to vary into anybody permits him to assist his lifeless pals begin over.

His dream is disrupted when Hayase enters, her look not disfigured. She leans in and licks his face constantly however due to the drug, he is frozen in place. Whereas Fushi stays caught in his hallucination, Hayase strips bare and crawls on prime of his physique, her expression wild. The scene is completely terrible however Hayase’s sexual assault is stopped simply in time thanks to Tonari.

Tonari and her pals cost into Hayase’s residence, however there is not any Fushi to be seen — Hayase had instructed her troopers to hold Fushi’s physique to the underground sanctuary. When the group arrives in the appropriate spot and demand on taking Fushi away, they discover themselves cornered by Hayase. They’re able to battle to the loss of life, however Fushi materializes proper beside Hayase with a sword at her throat. Proper earlier than Fushi’s physique had been taken away, he had managed to separate his consciousness into the mole’s physique.

Regardless of Tonari’s protests, Fushi bargains his personal freedom in change for his pals’, permitting them to flee Jananda as soon as and for all. Tonari readies a ship for her pals and all of the youngest residents, giving an impassioned speech that kids deserve to decide on their very own fates. The group’s farewell with Fushi will get minimize quick when Hayase knocks all of them out and injects Fushi with the western morning glory.

Tonari is the primary to get up, and as To Your Eternity continues, she’s now on the lookout for a approach off the ship. She is aware of she needs Fushi in her future, however that is not going to occur if she leaves him alone on Jananda with Hayase.

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