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Tokyo Revengers: How Kazutora Is Being Set Up For Redemption


In Tokyo Revengers, there are few characters who’ve gotten followers as riled as Kazutora. Whereas coming off as an enthralling and likable character when first launched, it did not take lengthy for followers’ notion of him to vary. Not solely did Kazutora need to kill Mikey, however he was even accountable for the demise of Mikey’s older brother, Shinichiro, and Baji.

Regardless of all this, Tokyo Revengers managed to finish its first season with Kazutora having just one clear path forward of him, one which results in redemption and a return to the Tokoyo Manji Gang. Each Mikey and Draken, and seemingly the remainder of the Toman founders, have forgiven him for his previous actions and refuse to let him try to commit suicide as a manner of creating amends. After they inform him this, additionally they make it clear he’ll all the time have a house in Toman.

Whereas it is unclear what Kazutora’s circle of relatives is like, it is pretty evident that “family” does imply one thing to him. When using with Baji on the night time of Shinichiro’s demise, see Kazutora stares intently at a household by way of a window. This second subtly makes it clear that household is one thing Kazutora feels strongly about, however in what manner remains to be a thriller. What’s for sure, although, is that Kazutora sees Toman and Mikey as his circle of relatives.

tokyo revengers kazutora declares war

That is partly what results in Kazutora’s psychological breakdown after he kills Shinichiro, with him struggling to imagine that he truly killed the brother of his shut buddy. Unable to deal with his personal actions and their apparent penalties, he deludes himself into believing that Mikey was actually his enemy and subsequently his actions have been justified. It wasn’t till his actions led to Baji sacrificing himself for him and Toman that Kazutora lastly snaps out of it. Whereas he has been forgiven for what occurred, in his personal eyes he has but to totally atone and be redeemed.

The ending of Bloody Halloween reveals Kazutora again in a juvenile detention heart. Answerable for yet one more demise, particularly so quickly after he was launched, Kazutora says that it is seemingly he’ll be imprisoned for at the very least a decade, regardless of his younger age.

As crushing as this was for Takemichi, Kazutora felt like he deserved a lot worse. Realizing this, Drakken makes it clear to him that suicide is not the answer and that neither he nor Toman will forgive him if he decides to go down that path. On this sense, it turns into obvious that step one in direction of Kazutora’s redemption is to outlive, extra particularly to outlive himself. If his unfavorable ideas of grief, hate and jealousy are what led him to commit the acts he did, then he should learn to not let those self same feelings management him any longer.

However what comes after that’s a lot much less clear. Whereas it was said that he’d be imprisoned for a decade, there are a number of ways in which may change. Good conduct or a profitable enchantment may have an effect on Kazutora’s sentence and, with Kazutora targeted on righting his wrongs and turning his life round, it is greater than doable that expedite his sentence could possibly be expedited.

tokyo revengers young baji and kazutora

The following a part of his atonement is far more troublesome to determine. As a free man, Kazutora will most likely attempt to return to Toman and Mikey. Contemplating his difficult relationship with Mikey, it is seemingly that, in Kazutora’s eyes, he owes his commander a life debt. After killing his brother and oldest buddy, Kazutora would need to redeem himself in Mikey’s eyes greater than anybody else’s, and if Mikey represents Toman as a complete, his forgiveness would have plenty of weight behind it. For Mikey to forgive Kazutora, all of Toman should forgive him too.

Kazutora’s path to redemption is likely to be a whole thriller in the intervening time, however it’s seemingly that Toman’s darkish future will play a task. As somebody who will likely be near Mikey and feels accountable for Baji’s demise, he would possibly turn out to be the key weapon that Toman wants to beat Chisaki’s scheming.

Based mostly on what Takemichi and Naoto have been capable of uncover, Chisaki’s purpose is to endear himself to Mikey after which quietly take over the Tokyo Manji Gang with out anybody actually noticing. No matter how Takemichi would foil his plots, Chisaki all the time appears to search out his manner into the winner’s spot. Oddly sufficient, through the Bloody Halloween, Kisaki lets slip that Baji was the one one who had ever efficiently crushed him, however in what manner, at what occasion, even the timeline that this occurred in remains to be unclear. With Baji useless and unable to fill that function anymore, Kazutora may turn out to be Toman’s subsequent darkish horse.

Within the Tokyo Manji Gang, Mikey is in cost, with Drakken performing as his vice-captain and right-hand man. Whereas by no means said outright, Toman’s First Division Captain, Baji, basically crammed the function of left-hand man. If the right-hand man is supposed to help and help the boss out within the open, the function of the left-hand is normally to do the identical, however from the shadows. Baji proved his unofficial title when he publicly give up Toman to go undercover at Valhalla and finish the specter of Chisaki. With Baji now gone, Kazutora is likely to be the important thing in finally doing so.

tokyo revengers kazutora valhalla

Whereas Takemichi and Chifuyu have taken it upon themselves to try to take down Chisaki, Kazutora has extra cause than anybody to take action. Chisaki recruited and manipulated him into becoming a member of Valhalla to kill Mikey, after which by way of his and Hanma’s personal machinations, directed him into stabbing Baji. To try to save Kazutora from his personal guilt damaging his psyche additional, Baji kills himself to ease his buddy’s burden. Chisaki mainly used Kazutora like a gun and fired him at Baji, making him simply as accountable, if no more so, for his demise.

As a lot as Kazutora would possibly blame himself for Baji’s demise, there is not any doubt that he’d need all these accountable to pay dearly for it. If he finds out that Chisaki had a hand in what occurred, there is a good probability that he’d need revenge. This, plus the menace Chisaki poses to Mikey, would most definitely spur him to behave instantly and ruthlessly.

As of now, Kazutora is the one member of Toman who has truly killed anybody, and whereas he might have sworn towards doing it to his pals, his enemies are a wholly completely different matter. Kazutora will not need something to occur to his pals and will not forgive himself for having a hand in hurting them, not to mention anybody else. And after every part he has put Mikey by way of, it is even seemingly that he’d fortunately sacrifice his personal life for his commander’s wellbeing.

At present, Kazutora is the best weapon Toman has of their arsenal. He is a founding member that is as robust as a captain, if not stronger, and seemingly has nothing in his life exterior of Toman. He lives for the sake of Toman and would gladly die for it, making him Chisaki’s biggest menace but.


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