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Tokyo Revengers’ Takemichi or Steins;Gate’s Okabe: Which Time Traveler Has It Worse?


WARNING: The next comprises spoilers for Tokyo Revengers, at present streaming on Crunchyroll.

The science-fiction style has blessed the anime world with some spectacular sequence, and tales about time journey particularly appear to hit the mark. Maybe the similarities between characters and storylines present followers with acquainted, pleasurable traits that may be traced from one sequence to a different, virtually guaranteeing one present will likely be as pleasurable as the following.

Though they’re related by way of plot, Tokyo Revengers and Steins;Gate every have their very own allure. These anime have starkly totally different atmospheres and takes on time journey, however each really feel recent and distinctive. The stakes are excessive in each reveals, with time-traveling protagonists dealing with huge trauma and penalties all through their respective journeys. However between Takemichi Hanagaki and Okabe Rintaro, which one has it worse?

The Key Variations Between Tokyo Revengers’ Takemichi & Steins;Gate’s Okabe

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Tokyo Revengers has taken the anime world by storm in 2021. It takes up the mantle of a stable shonen anime with the fiery Takemichi as its focus, however it ramps up the drama with life-or-death eventualities. By activating his powers with a handshake from his buddy Naoto, Takemichi travels to the previous in a bid to avoid wasting his ex-girlfriend from dying within the current. Alongside the best way, he befriends a handful of delinquents with entangled fates and makes an attempt to avoid wasting them as nicely.

Not like Tokyo RevengersSteins;Gate began as a visible novel and is extra of a thriller than an action-packed journey. It follows the self-proclaimed mad scientist Okabe, who is decided to maintain his mates alive even when the universe itself is in opposition to him. He undoes and redoes his actions — and the actions of others — in his makes an attempt to return to a good timeline, however generally his struggles appear totally futile.

A easy distinction between the two-time vacationers is that Okabe has mates who might help him in Steins;Gate, whereas Takemichi is kind of on his personal. Naoto can activate Takemichi’s energy and has entry to police supplies on the delinquents, however he is not as useful as Okabe’s mates Kurisu, Daru and Suzuha who’re all immediately concerned in altering the timelines.

This can be a main hurdle for Takemichi, who should depend on his personal judgment and make the most effective choices he can in Tokyo Revengers. One draw back to Takemichi’s skill is that he cannot essentially strive once more if he fails to create a good future. He can solely journey again to the corresponding day up to now, and that day is about as soon as he sees it by way of. Takemichi can try and counteract any penalties of his actions, however he cannot immediately change conditions that turn into completely set within the timeline.

Okabe’s Time Travelling Is Extra Curse Than Present

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Okabe is ready to leap timelines tons of of instances to attempt to save his childhood buddy Mayuri from her inevitable loss of life. Sadly, this can’t be averted specifically timelines, so it is extraordinarily fortunate that Okabe discovers he can transfer additional again in time than Takemichi can, creating numerous futures.

Nevertheless, the Steins;Gate technique has its downsides. Even with assist, watching his mates endure till he figures out the right sequence of occasions to avoid wasting everybody weighs on Okabe closely. Whereas Takemichi’s actions in Tokyo Revengers are likely to have clear penalties, Okabe is commonly left questioning if he has any energy to alter issues in any respect. Additionally lurking within the background of Steins;Gate is a corrupt time-traveling group that threatens the world, so the stakes are even increased for Okabe.

In the long run, Okabe has it worse than Takemichi. His skill to endlessly retrace his steps is actually a curse — it results in a degree of obsession the human thoughts cannot address, and Okabe finally breaks below the stress. Neither time traveler is in an enviable place, although. They do not escape their conditions with out some quantity of trauma, and each even handle to get stabbed whereas attempting to avoid wasting their mates. Nonetheless, each Okabe and Takemichi are fighters who refuse to surrender of their struggles in opposition to destiny, and that is what makes them such lovable characters.


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