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Tokyo Revengers: Toman Remembers Its Origins and a Fallen Member


WARNING: The next comprises spoilers for Tokyo Revengers Episode 22, “One for all,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Toman was launched in Tokyo Revengers as a ruthless gang with a penchant for heinous crimes. After all, we now know that Kisaki was answerable for the gang’s corruption and downfall and likewise had a hand in Mikey’s eventual downward spiral. What Toman stands for at present is predicated on the values set by its six founders, Mikey, Draken, Mitsuya, Pah-chin, Baji and Kazutora — one for all and all for one. Draken is extensively considered the guts of Toman however, after his sacrifice in Episode 21, it could truly be Baji.

Episode 22 begins with a flashback to Toman’s early days. Earlier than they had been ever known as Toman, they had been simply six mates who rode their bikes all day, apart from Mikey who would often hitch a experience with one in all his mates. All of them meet at Musashi shrine with Baji carrying a sleeping Mikey on his again. When he wakes up, Mikey declares that the six of them will tackle the gang that Kazutora has been combating by himself: the Black Dragons, a formidable gang that is three years their senior.

tokyo revengers baji given omamori

However Baji has an excellent thought: they will begin a gang of their very own to tackle the Black Dragons. Mikey would be the commander, Draken the vice commander, Mitsuya the guard and Pah-chin would be the flag bearer whereas Baji and Kazutora will make up the assault unit. Mikey even comes up with a reputation, although his mates poke enjoyable at it: Tokyo Manjiro Gang, named after himself. Baji needs a gang that can threat all of it to guard one another when one in all them will get harm. “We’re giving all of ourselves to you,” Baji tells Mikey. “Create this new age.” To commemorate this present day, the six of them pool their change to purchase a single omamori that they entrust to Baji, a attraction that he carried in every single place since that day.

Chifuyu is extremely loyal to Baji since he met him when he was simply 12 years outdated. Their first assembly was unconventional: Chifuyu thought that he was going to place a delinquent in his place however he was met with a bespectacled, slicked-hair Baji, trying the image of a mannequin nerd. The 2 turned acquaintances after Chifuyu helped Baji write a letter to Kazutora in juvie. It wasn’t till Baji singlehandedly saved him that Chifuyu turned Baji’s buddy and follower. Baji is Toman: he’ll do all the things to guard those that are harm.

tokyo revengers kazutora apologizes to mikey

Mikey apologizes to Baji for failing to assist preserve Toman’s promise. Nearly everybody disperses as quickly as they hear the police sirens — besides Kazutora. Within the wake of Baji’s sacrifice, Kazutora decides to stick with him and cease operating from his errors. He is aware of that he cannot ask for Mikey’s forgiveness, however he bows to him in deep apology.

The police arrest Kazutora. It will be a minimum of 10 years earlier than he is launched. Draken and Takemichi go to him and Kazutora tells them that he plans to make amends. Draken sees by way of his phrases and warns him to not commit suicide — it will not do something however dishonor Baji’s sacrifice. Draken leaves Kazutora with a message from Mikey: now and at all times, Kazutora is a part of Toman and he forgives him.

However, in actuality, Mikey is probably going mendacity. How may he forgive Kazutora after all the things he is finished? That is why Mikey could not go to him in jail– it could harm an excessive amount of. However Mikey beloved Baji and selected to forgive Kazutora to honor the reminiscence of a buddy who died to cease Mikey from happening a darkish path.

All of Toman is within the omamori. From Baji to Takemichi, the omamori — Toman — is now in Takemichi’s fingers. Earlier than Baji died, he entrusted Toman and his mates to Takemichi. He beloved them greater than something and was keen to die for them, and he noticed one thing in Takemichi that instructed him he may belief Takemichi to guard them.


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