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Tokyo Revengers: What Takemichi’s MBTI Says About the Time-Traveling Punk


Tokyo Revengers is a narrative about Japanese delinquents and mind-bending time journey — an uncommon however inventive mixture of story parts for a contemporary shonen collection. The star is Takemichi Hanagaki who, within the current day, regrets his boring and unfulfilled life. Then he hears about his previous pal Hinata Tachibana, who died throughout gang violence involving the Tokyo Manji gang, or Toman.

Takemichi and Hinata’s little brother Naoto staff as much as journey again to 2005, when Takemichi was a center schooler, and alter the previous to save lots of the long run. Takemichi is now one of many gang amongst tough-talking punks, however he is no thug. Takemichi is variety, affected person and empathetic, and his MBTI persona sort displays that.

Takemichi Hanagaki’s MBTI Persona Kind: INFP-T, The Mediator

Takemichi Hanagaki smiling

Takemichi’s persona sort is the Mediator, with INFP-T standing for Introverted Intuitive Feeling Prospecting Turbulent. A mediator is simply that: somebody who works arduous for the sake of others and infrequently for themselves. Mediators aren’t as extroverted as some persona varieties such because the Protagonist or Campaigner, however like Takemichi, they do care deeply about different folks — they simply do not ask for a lot in return. Mediators are delicate and empathetic, fast to handle the emotional and private wants of others. They may gladly present a shoulder to cry on or give somebody a delicate pep speak to empower and encourage them.

As well as, Mediators hardly ever choose others or contradict their factors of view. As an alternative, Mediators present their diplomatic aspect by listening to the viewpoints and wishes of others to know them absolutely earlier than making a transfer. A Mediator is keen to take heed to all sides and acquire the massive image, which permits them to be a real mediator between feuding events. A Mediator can be pleased if everybody else is pleased too, and somebody like Takemichi will not relaxation till everybody has had their voices heard and their wants taken care of. Mediators are pushed vastly by their want to assist others, and so they might really feel directionless or empty in the event that they’re remoted from or unable to take action. They may additionally neglect their very own wants or burn themselves out whereas tirelessly dashing off to assist others.

Takemichi Hangaki As a Mediator In Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers Takemichi

As a 20-something man in 2017, Takemichi felt completely empty and apathetic, and that his life had amounted to completely nothing. He was virtually alone except for his supervisor at his part-time job, and as a Mediator, he would naturally undergo from being on their own like that. He all the time thrived on the love and a focus of others and had cherished Hinata Tachibana as a pal. Upon seeing the information of her demise on TV, his coronary heart was shattered, and he felt there was nothing left for him on this world. When Naoto requested Takemichi to assist him save Hinata previously, Takemichi accepted, and as a real INFP, he quickly discovered goal and power in serving to others, primarily Hinta herself.

Takemichi returned to his delinquent center college days in 2005, understanding that he’d have to alter everybody’s relationships and experiences to keep away from the horrible future he had come from. For the sake of the mission and to provide himself some goal, Takemichi started constructing bridges between totally different events, together with his wild new pal and boss Mikey and Mikey’s no-nonsense companion Draken. Hardly ever does Takemichi use drive or intimidation to get what he desires — he tends to make emotional appeals and compromise to change the previous and keep stronger bonds of belief and friendship amongst Toman’s members. Takemichi will even attempt to win again defectors resembling Kazutora Hanemiya from the Valhalla gang, making emotional appeals to them even when he stands little probability of succeeding. Phrases are his weapons, not his fists.

Takemichi can be a deeply empathetic and comforting particular person in Tokyo Revengers, by no means holding grudges. As an INFP, he desires to know and assist everybody round him, even when the grownup variations of the Toman members develop as much as be bitter, hardened criminals. If somebody resembling Draken regrets his previous actions, Takemichi will gladly settle for their request to alter the previous and assist defend the happiness of everybody concerned. Any time a friendship is threatened, resembling that between Mikey and Draken, Takemichi will rush to attempt to mend ties. Draken and Mikey quickly turned exasperated however impressed that Takemichi cared a lot and went to this point to assist them, and so they appreciated how he mounted their friendship. Briefly, Takemichi will do something to assist a pal and forestall them from happening a very darkish highway.


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