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Tower of God Chapter 511: The Original Trio Finally Reunites


Warning: The next incorporates spoilers for Tower of God Chapter 511, A Darkish Twist 13, by SIU, now out there on Webtoon.

Ever because the finish of Season 1 of Tower of God, the unique trio, Bam, Khun Aguero and Rak, have largely stayed in some state of separation for varied causes. Both they’ve needed to go on their very own missions or are present process precise risk of demise. There are intervals after they group up and climb the Tower collectively, however they don’t usually battle in the best way they used to again in Season 1.

Aguero’s important purpose for Season 3 is to assist Bam rescue his grasp. Nevertheless, this proves to be a lot more durable than anybody had thought. Fortunately, Aguero receives some surprising assist from his sibling Khun Ascensio, who is distributed by his sister Khun Maschenny Jahad to assist Bam full his mission. Since Maschenny is the one who began this entire mess through the use of Ha Jinsung to lure Bam to warfare, Aguero is true to be suspicious of a lure. Nonetheless, he is aware of that accepting her supply is the one solution to get to Bam as rapidly as potential, so he agrees to the deal. With regards to Bam, Khun Aguero is at all times keen to throw all his warning to the wind.

Aguero — being the grasp tactician he’s — instantly grasps the scenario on the sector and is aware of that Bam is scuffling with White for energy. Aguero sends out his Sweetfish to assist Bam; that is the fish that collected souls for White through the battle on the Protecting Wall. Aguero should really feel some guilt proper now as a result of he personally helped White regain his full energy, however now White is utilizing it to harm Bam. Nevertheless, he additionally sees it as a chance; because the fish is linked to White’s soul, they are able to harm White in some way.

Within the meantime, Rak, Hockney and Kaiser are caught taking part in the fishing sport when Hockney all of a sudden sees an merchandise that he should purchase. It summons a spear bearer to the battlefield and permits him to immediately hit a goal as soon as, so it’s good to make use of on Rak. Whereas Rak doesn’t have a lot thought about what’s taking place, he nonetheless is aware of that he should in some way assist Bam. He takes out the key weapon he’s been saving this whole time: the traditional spear. It was too heavy for Rak to make use of on a regular basis, so he carries it in a specialised provider made by a canine scientist.

The final time we noticed this spear was through the Canine Riot Arc. The spear initially belonged to the Baylord Yama, however solely the traditional species can throw it with out hurting themselves. In Chapter 446, Rak was capable of throw the spear to assist clear a path for Bam and cease Baylord Doom, which mainly confirms Rak’s id as a member of the traditional species. This spear was capable of significantly harm excessive rankers Doom and Khel Hellam, so it is undoubtedly highly effective sufficient to harm White. It is attention-grabbing that each occasions Rak has used this spear, it has been for Bam.

Tower of God 511 Rak throws spear

It is heartwarming to see the trio lastly working collectively once more on this chapter. At a time when Bam wants his mates probably the most, they’re proper there with him. Notably, they didn’t really converse in any respect on this chapter, but each Aguero and Rak know precisely what to do. This proves that their friendship continues to be one of many strongest bonds in Tower of God, and one of the efficient as effectively.


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