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Tower of God Reveals the Driving Force Behind White’s Obsession With Bam


WARNING: The next comprises spoilers for Season 3, Episode 79 (Chapter #496) of Tower of God by SIU, now obtainable in English from Webtoon.

White/Hoaqin is likely one of the extra fascinating villains in Tower of God, not solely due to his immense powers and evil, vicious character, but in addition his shifting allegiances (or lack thereof). These, mixed along with his advanced backstory, make him one of many extra intriguing characters within the webtoon.

White’s intention to devour Bam’s soul has been clear all alongside. However he additionally desires Bam to be taught to totally make the most of his powers, particularly to harness the souls inside him, and he is fought Bam in the previous couple of chapters to power him to make use of his full energy. In the course of the Gakjadosaeng arc, White simply escapes the Cat Tower. Now, Tower of God Chapter #496 reveals one other extra piece within the puzzle that’s White and explains his obsession with Bam in a lot clearer element.

Chapter #496 lastly reveals White’s true emotions towards Bam. It seems his daddy points transcend what’s proven in Season 2, primarily in Chapters #182 and #194. The explanation White/Hoaqin made a take care of an historical demon within the first place is that he desires to surpass his father, Arie Hon, one of many nice warriors who entered the Tower with Jahad and the pinnacle of the Arie household.

Due to their bizarre obsessions with the protagonists, many Tower of God followers have drawn comparisons between White and Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter. Hisoka desires to kill Gon but in addition helps him on his journey — till he grows sturdy sufficient to change into a real preventing problem. White is comparable in that he aids Bam once in a while, particularly through the Battle on the First Defensive Wall the place he and Kallavan fought so Bam may penetrate the wall.

One thing about White’s obsession with Bam is off although. On one hand, he desires to devour as many souls as doable, so it’s pure he would need Bam and the numerous souls inside him. Then again, he additionally desires Bam to discover ways to use souls for energy as he does — which implies the variety of souls inside Bam could be diminished and White, by extension, would finally have much less for himself.

White’s Hisoka-esque tendency partly explains this: he desires to devour a soul at its strongest level. However he and lots of others in Tower of God have observed Bam’s potential is way larger than what’s been proven to this point, so why not maintain off even longer? And why is White so eager on educating him the best way to use souls?

Tower of God Chapter #182 defined that Hoaqin and his 4 siblings all wished to surpass their father. Solely Hoaqin secretly made a take care of an historical demon, mendacity to his siblings so he may soak up their souls and change into White. Chapter #194 confirmed Arie Hon telling Hoaqin to go away and are available again as a demon in an effort to defeat him. So White/Hoaqin’s father has all the time been the only real motive/motivation behind his actions.

White flashes again to his childhood once more in Chapter #496, when he was nonetheless coaching as an everyday. He feels dejected that his father shouldn’t be exhibiting heat or acknowledgment and fears his disappointment, therefore why his perspective modified. His servant comforts him by saying his father hasn’t modified for lots of of years, so it’d simply be Hoaqin who’s modified as a substitute. In a match of rage, Hoaqin kills the servant, who admittedly has horrible counseling expertise.

White blames Arie Hon for turning him evil, and Bam’s unwavering willpower reminds him of his unchanging father. This additionally makes him resent himself for being so simply corruptible; simply as Arie Hon has noticed, White feels inferior to Bam as a result of his self-hate. That is additionally why he desires to deprave Bam — who he now sees as his father’s proxy — as a substitute.

Moreover Bam and Arie Hon each being irregulars, they really don’t have anything in frequent. Arie Hon is chilly and distant to nearly everybody and treats his personal son like a plaything, with no regard for Hoaqin’s progress or well-being. Alternatively, Bam cares deeply about all his buddies (and even his enemies) and needs to guard everybody, a lot in order that he’s prepared to bear the burden of being a slayer candidate. Arie Hon by no means adjustments as a result of he has cared little or no for anybody, however Bam by no means adjustments as a result of he cares an excessive amount of.

Bam is totally totally different from Arie Hon. Deep down, White in all probability is aware of this too however is taking revenge in opposition to Bam as a result of he is aware of he can by no means transfer his personal father. White is really a despicable villain, looking for one thing he can by no means have and tormenting these weaker for satisfaction. Although he’s not the one one in Tower of God with father points, he’s absolutely one of many most depressing.

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