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Uzumaki: 5 Freaky Moments From the Manga We Need to See in the Anime


Uzumaki is one among Junji Ito’s best-known works exterior of Japan aside from Tomie, the latter of which has a profitable movie and tv franchise in Japan. The story of Uzumaki chronicles the day by day life of highschool pupil Kirie Goshima and her boyfriend Shuichi Saito as their lives actually spiral uncontrolled within the cursed sea-side city of Kurouzu-cho (Black Spiral City). Whereas Uzumaki did obtain a live-action movie in 2000 starring Eriko Hatsune and Fhi Fan, it was additionally a free adaptation that did not absolutely seize the spirit of Ito’s manga.

It’s unknown how a lot of the Uzumaki manga can be tailored into the upcoming four-episode anime adaptation, on condition that there are 20 chapters price of story to adapt (19 precise chapters, plus a bonus prequel). Whereas the anime stays a yr away — set to debut in October 2022 — there are 5 freaky moments from the manga that must make it into the anime to totally seize the extent of Kurouzu-cho’s horror. These moments vary from delicate to completely horrifying.

The Lady With The Moon-Formed Scar

Uzumaki will get off to a terrifying begin with Shuichi’s dad and mom being pushed insane by Kurouzu-cho’s spiral curse, however issues solely worsen from there. One of many freakiest incidents that occurs very early within the manga includes Kirie’s classmate, Azami Kurotani. Initially from the close by metropolis of Midoriyama-shi (Inexperienced Mountain Metropolis) — which is the polar reverse of Kurouzu-cho in each means — Azami was in some methods already cursed. Along with her final identify Kurotani which means “black valley,” Azami had a moon-shaped scar on her brow that took a life by itself.

Within the one chapter she seems in, Kirie befriends Azami and shortly learns she’s capable of effortlessly appeal to boys. The rumor is that the moon-shaped scar on her brow has magical properties, however in actuality, it has been taken over by the city’s spiral curse. When she meets Kirie’s boyfriend for the primary time, Shuichi instantly acknowledges she’s been cursed by the spiral and tries to avoid her. This causes Azami to develop into obsessive about Shuichi to the purpose the place she manipulates one other classmate into drawing him out. Whereas she succeeds in her plan, Azami’s scar turns right into a spiral that finally ends up devouring each herself and the classmate she manipulated.

The Massive Human Snails

One other means Kurouzu-cho’s spiral curse manifests itself in Uzumaki is by random human beings mysteriously turning into snails. This occurred to a different one among Kirie’s classmates — an overweight boy named Katayama — who was too gradual to get to class, resulting in him getting bullied by one other classmate named Tsumura. As time progressed, Katayama progressively become a snail, however the curse did not finish with him. Ultimately Tsumura bought become a snail as nicely, seemingly as punishment for his bullying.

When Tsumura and Katayama in snail type mate, they lay eggs that their instructor, Mr. Yokota, try to destroy. This leads to him getting become a snail as nicely. Katayama, Tsumura and Yokota aren’t the final folks to be become snails, nevertheless. Within the later chapters of Uzumaki, because the city turns into increasingly more stricken by disasters, extra folks — together with Kirie’s little brother Mitsu — flip into snails. The human snails later develop into a supply of meals for different surviving people, an extremely freaky story we need to see within the Uzumaki anime.

The Black Lighthouse

A sea-side city story isn’t full with out some lighthouse horror, which Ito delivers in Uzumaki Chapter 9 titled “The Black Lighthouse.” In some unspecified time in the future throughout Kurouzu-cho’s ongoing horror, the city’s decommissioned lighthouse begins lighting itself up at nightfall. The sunshine that radiates from it’s so intense, folks begin complaining about its brightness. When upkeep males go in to examine the lighthouse, they by no means return.

At one level, Kirie’s little brother and his mates get curious concerning the lighthouse and determine to research it themselves. Regardless of Kirie warning her brother and his mates concerning the lighthouse’s hazard, curiosity nonetheless bought the higher of them. When Kirie goes in to retrieve her brother, she shortly learns the horrifying fates that befell the upkeep males. Whereas Kirie manages to get her brother and a few of his mates out, one of many youngsters would not make it out alive and will get burned by the lighthouse’s intense mild.

The Mushroom-shaped Placentas

Uzumaki reaches peak horror when Kirie finds herself hospitalized from the lighthouse incident. The hospital she leads to presents some horrors of its personal when pregnant ladies begin murdering different sufferers with drills for his or her blood. The phenomenon is linked to the mosquito infestation within the space, which causes the pregnant ladies to eat human blood with the intention to maintain their pregnancies. When the infants are born, extra horror ensues.

One of many first issues that goes flawed with the newborns is their bellies begin swelling up, as in the event that they’re pregnant themselves. Each female and male infants are affected. This horrifies Kirie, who finally ends up tripping down some stairs and hurts herself once more, inflicting her to spend extra time within the hospital. When she is fed some mushrooms, she notices they style extra like meat than fungi. When Kirie goes to research, she shortly learns the mushrooms she ate have been placentas that emerged from each the pregnant ladies and new child infants. These placentas with their hooked up umbilical cords took the form of mushrooms.

The Sentient Typhoons

The final horrifying occasion in Uzumaki that places the entire cursed city by a downward spiral of dying is the arrival of sentient typhoons — which we undoubtedly hope to see within the anime adaptation too. The primary storm to reach finally ends up stalking Kirie when she goes to ship lunch to her boyfriend, who has since develop into reclusive. Which means that even when Kirie stayed at house, the attention of the storm hovered over her home.

The one means the storm dissipates is after it will get swallowed up by the city’s Dragonfly Pond, however issues do not finish there. Extra typhoons arrive to complete destroying the city, however they too are consumed. This will get the eye of assorted reporters exterior the city who traveled to research the unusual climate occasions. Once they get there, nevertheless, they shortly uncover they cannot get out and are trapped within the destroyed city’s insanity.


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