Valve has posted an official teardown of its upcoming handheld gaming PC, the Steam Deck. Earlier than diving into the teardown, although, the corporate spends a few minute to strongly warning towards taking one aside until you’re certain what you’re doing.

“Even though it’s your PC — or it will be once you’ve received your Steam Deck — and you have every right to open it up and do what you want, we at Valve really don’t recommend that you ever open it up,” a Valve consultant stated within the video. “The Steam Deck is a very tightly designed system, and the parts are chosen carefully for this product with its specific construction, so they aren’t really designed to be user-swappable.”

The inside of a Steam Deck.

The within of a Steam Deck.
Picture: Valve

Regardless of its warnings, nonetheless, the corporate possible understands that persons are going to take the Steam Deck aside anyway, so this video could possibly be a helpful useful resource for people who find themselves contemplating doing so.

Within the video, Valve reveals how one can swap out two components of the system. First, Valve reveals how one can change the thumbsticks. The corporate cautions that they’re fully customized, however says that it’s going to supply a supply for “replacement parts, thumbsticks, SSDs, and possibly more” within the coming months.

After that, Valve reveals how one can swap out the SSD, which could possibly be useful for individuals who could have reserved the most affordable model of the machine with an eMMC laborious drive with the intention of upgrading it themselves. Bear in mind that every one variations of the Steam Deck use an m.2 connector, together with the model with the eMMC drive, so in the event you plan to make a swap, you’re going to need to reinstall the OS and produce over any video games you may need had loaded in your different drive.

Valve says the Steam Deck will start delivery in December, although the preliminary reservations flew off the digital cabinets rapidly. Should you reserve one now, you’ll have to attend till at the very least the second quarter of 2022 for the chance to truly make an order.


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