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Vampirism Is A Mystery to DC's Mages And That Makes No Sense


The next article comprises spoilers from DC vs. Vampires #8, on sale now.

The assorted surviving mages of the DC universe have banded collectively in an effort to remedy vampirism. Nonetheless, DC vs. Vampires #8 (by James Tynion IV, Matthew Rosenberg, Otto Schmidt, Daniele Di Nicuolo, Pierluigi Casolino, Tom Napolitano) demonstrated simply how little headway had been achieved within the endeavor. By all accounts, a few of the best mages the DCU has to supply are stumped by how vampirism works.

Whereas this retains the plot going, it does not make plenty of sense. Vampires have been round for a very long time now, and the members of this consortium are a few of the most discovered and highly effective magical beings round. Their members embrace Physician Destiny, the Phantom Stranger, and the Spectre. But, right here they’re utterly stumped by an issue that a few of them most likely predate.

Logically, that is most likely a solution to stop a handy reply to the issue of vampires on the earth. In fact, a number of heroes and villains can be developing with their very own options to the issue of a vampire takeover. Whether or not it is execution or curing them although, having one group succeed midway by means of the story would make for a boring story. As such, vampirism is outwardly extra advanced than most mages perceive, one thing that does not make plenty of sense in hindsight.

The historical past of the DC Universe is stuffed with all kinds of unusual and weird issues. Historic creator goddesses, competing divine pantheons, and basic forces of creation and destruction. These are the issues that it could make sense to not comprehend. Compared to that, vampirism begins to look mundane, frequent even. So why then? What issue of vampirism may successfully make it an unimaginable code for a few of the strongest practitioners of magic to crack?

One clarification is that vampires are distinctive within the DCU as they hover in a state between life and demise. They’ve begun the method of dying, however appear to be stalled in between, halting their growing older in addition to every other regular organic capabilities. Taking a life is simple within the DCU, bringing one again is a time-consuming, and sometimes exacting course of, particularly when it is performed by means of magic.

Nonetheless, readers get no elaboration on why vampires are so tough to remedy. What makes this even worse is that the heroes have technically discovered a remedy. The Lazarus pits have been proven to revive a vampire to human kind. The one drawback is that there are not any extra Lazarus pits. So, reasonably than attempt to give attention to the vampires, they may try to recreate the Lazarus pits properties.

In the end, it makes little sense that these gifted magic customers are unable to determine vampirism. It is likely one of the most typical magical issues present in fiction and looks as if one thing they need to have discovered a very long time in the past. Then once more, had they managed that, Nightwing’s conquest of the world would possibly by no means have occurred in any respect.


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