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What Did Vegeta’s Majin Power-Up in Dragon Ball Z Actually Do?


One of the memorable moments in all of Dragon Ball Z was the showdown between Goku and Majin Vegeta, with the Saiyan Prince permitting himself to be empowered by Babidi’s darkish magic to rework and shut the rising hole between the 2 longtime rivals. What resulted was a extra evil, uninhibited Vegeta that gave Goku some of the harrowing fights he had ever endured as the 2 Tremendous Saiyan 2s’ feud reached violent new heights. Whereas Majin Vegeta stays a fan-favorite second throughout the whole Dragon Ball franchise, the query stays: what precisely did Babidi’s magic do to reinforce Vegeta’s pure potential?

Babidi’s magic took benefit of the darkness festering in his meant targets’ souls, bringing out their baser, extra sinister nature whereas enhancing their power and endurance. Identifiable by a outstanding “M” emblazoned on his transformed acolytes’ foreheads, Babidi’s followers have been largely below his full management as he plotted to free Majin Buu from his hidden jail on Earth.

The primary two acolytes the Z Fighters encountered have been Yamu and Spopovich — two human entrants of the twenty fifth World Martial Arts Match. Watching Spopovich in motion, together with recovering from a mortal harm and demonstrating the flexibility to fly, Vegeta realized the warrior was far stronger than his prior match look, fueling his want to let Babidi remodel him.

Vegeta Joins Babidi

One notably noticeable element about a number of of Babidi’s disciples is that the extra humanoid figures appear unnaturally empowered by the magic coursing via them. Yamu, Spopovich and Vegeta all seem paler and with extra pronounced veins on their our bodies after being transformed by Babidi’s magic, whereas Spopovich misplaced all hair on his physique, in distinction to his look within the twenty fourth World Martial Arts Match.

This means that Babidi’s magic pushes its recipients’ our bodies far past their traditional limits, probably with long-term well being penalties, as a type of magical steroid that exponentially boosts their potential. Nevertheless, the Majin transformation is extra than simply an all-around buff to its recipients — it additionally visibly and abnormally enhances endurance.

Whereas dueling with Spopovich in the course of the twenty fifth World Martial Arts Match, an more and more determined Videl by accident breaks her opponent’s neck with a mighty kick. To everybody’s shock and horror, Spopovich is ready to manually reposition his neck again into place and resume the battle like nothing occurred to him in any respect.

Later, Vegeta endures a very harrowing beating from Majin Buu, which he might not have survived had he not been benefiting from Babidi’s magic on the time. This means that Babidi’s magic actually makes its recipients unnatural monsters who’re undeterred by most assaults to the physique, with all of his acolytes vaporized to remove the opportunity of them resuming battle after enduring typical grievous harm.

Even after coaching within the afterlife for seven years, Goku nonetheless discovered himself combating for his life in opposition to Majin Vegeta and practically killed on a couple of event. Whereas Vegeta did not seem to realize any new talents from his magical improve, it pushed his already spectacular Tremendous Saiyan 2 capabilities even additional, making him some of the formidable opponents Goku has ever recognized.

Augmenting his energy and endurance, Vegeta couldn’t solely dish out way more punishment, however take considerably extra himself. Judging by Babidi’s different acolytes, it seems the evil wizard takes a physique and twists it into one thing monstrous, pushing it past the bounds of typical physiology and upgrading it in his fiendish picture as he plots to make the universe pay.


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