What If..?’s finale debuted on Disney Plus in the present day, and it introduced some larger multiversal mayhem with it. However followers might have already gotten the massive reveal of the finale spoiled for all of them the way in which again in August… thanks to a Hyundai Tucson commercial?

Spoilers for “What If… The Watcher Broke His Oath” and What If…?’s first season beneath:

Marvel initiatives aren’t any stranger to commercials and product placement, after all, however the Hynduai industrial (a part of a series of ads that the corporate has been doing along with Disney Plus) marks a very unusual flip — one which mashes storytelling with promoting.

The principle conceit of the majority of What If…?’s early episodes was that the collection was an anthology, offering standalone tales in numerous corners of Marvel’s multiverse that provided different takes on the present movies. Every episode was linked collectively by way of the narration of Uatu the Watcher, a god-like being that existed to look at — however not intervene in — the occasions of the divergent timelines.

After all, the MCU being the MCU, the place interconnected storytelling reigns supreme, it quickly grew to become clear that What If…? was barrelling in the direction of a multiversal mashup, incited by the rise of an Infinity Stone-powered Ultron/Imaginative and prescient hybrid launched within the earlier episode, dubbed “Infinity Ultron.” Infinity Ultron aimed to make use of its energy to final waste, not simply to its personal universe, however, due to the comedian consciousness granted by possessing all six stones, to all universes.

In response, Uatu (after futilely duking it out in a cosmic brawl) decides to interrupt his coverage of nonintervention and gathers collectively a gaggle of heroes from the earlier What If…? episodes (and an alternate model of Gamora whose episode was pushed to subsequent season after COVID delays) to type “The Guardians of the Multiverse” to defeat Infinity Ultron and save the MCU’s fledgling multiverse from destruction. Superheroics ensue.

The muse of the Guardians of the Multiverse is supposed to be a serious second within the present. Uatu breaks his sacred oath and crosses the road from observer to participant in Marvel’s adventures. It unites separate heroes from throughout totally different Marvel installments to unite in opposition to a bigger foe, virtually like an Avengers film in miniature.

However to anybody who’d seen the Hyundai Tucson industrial — which has been airing for months, in as outstanding of locations as primetime NFL video games — your complete idea had already been spoiled months prematurely. The advert exhibits numerous heroes from What If…?, together with Captain Carter, T’Challa, Star-Lord, Unusual Supreme, and the hard-partying Thor being introduced collectively by The Watcher to put waste to a military of Ultron drones (albeit with the assistance of an incongruous positioned Hyundai).

The weirdly spoilery Hyundai industrial is the proper instance of the present state of spoiler tradition in 2021, particularly as streaming has expanded to incorporate main franchises like Star Wars and Marvel that rely essentially the most on their massive moments and divulges. In an age of overly lengthy trailers that reveal main plot factors or villains, or the huge Twitter threads and trending matters that seem minutes after exhibits debut in the midst of the evening, what’s yet one more nationwide advert marketing campaign that reveals an enormous shock of a present.

There’s extra to What If…? and its finale than a automotive industrial can present. And with extra Disney Plus exhibits on the way in which — and presumably, extra company tie-ins to go together with them — it’s seemingly that this newest crack within the Marvel wall of secrecy is simply one other factor that followers and creators should be taught to dwell with.


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