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What Qualities Make or Break an Animal Sidekick in Anime?


Animal sidekicks have been dogging heels for many years, some beloved and a few finest left forgotten. Animal — or no less than animalistic — sidekicks have the ability to turn into the very face of an anime, or else turn into so universally hated that they go down in infamy. What’s it that endears an animal sidekick to an viewers, and what makes it in order that they can not get off the display screen quick sufficient?

At first, animal sidekicks must have a powerful visible ingredient. Pikachu from Pokémon, Jiji from Kiki’s Supply Service and Luna from Sailor Moon all have one thing in widespread — they’re extremely cute. One of the best animal sidekicks are enjoyable to take a look at, and never solely as a result of they’re cute but in addition visually distinct. For example, examine Pikachu with Myoga from Inuyasha. Myoga is a tiny, ugly flea with no distinguishing options. He causes itchiness merely by showing on display screen. Pen Pen from Neon Genesis Evangelion additionally commits the crime of being not notably cute. He’s a standard penguin who seems at random occasions and does not appear to have a objective apart from being a penguin, so it is simple to neglect his existence totally.

Except for being cute and having a definite look, objective can be necessary in figuring out whether or not an animal sidekick might be profitable. Whereas Myoga no less than delivers info, Pen Pen is solely there. The story of Inuyasha would change a bit if Myoga did not exist, however Pen Pen is inconsequential to the plot. Being an unusual and relatively ugly penguin who provides completely nothing to the storyline makes Pen Pen an ineffectual sidekick, whereas Myoga surpasses him (albeit solely simply) by no less than being helpful.

After all, loads of beloved animal sidekicks haven’t got a lot objective. Ao from Yona of the Daybreak and Xiao-Mei from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood are lovable animal sidekicks who do not contribute something of observe to the story. Ao is cute and Xiao-Mei no less than issues a bit to the plot because the ‘misplaced cat,’ but when a sidekick goes to exist within the first place, giving them an actual objective for being there’s an financial use of character, in addition to making their potential loss all of the extra significant.

Kirara, additionally from Inuyasha, is an instance of a sidekick with actual objective. Kirara is each lovable and visually distinctive, and acts as Sango’s mount in battle. She additionally brings out the delicate aspect within the battle-weary Sango. Kirara can be continually helpful all through the sequence each in battle and for Sango’s character, making her a a lot better sidekick than a straight-up cute one. Sadaharu from Gintama fills a really related position in being helpful throughout battle on high of being cute and visually distinct. It is having a strong objective that units these sidekicks up for actual success.

Nonetheless, it is a cautious balancing act to ensure an animal sidekick has a objective with out giving them an excessive amount of of a task. A number of episodes devoted to a sidekick are an indication that the creators is perhaps giving up on their important characters. If a sidekick eclipses the primary characters, they’ve failed as a sidekick as a result of they are not technically one anymore. For instance, Elizabeth, the unknown species of sidekick from Gintama, finally ends up having a whole arc devoted to it. This in the end works resulting from Gintama‘s gag nature, however would have spelled nearly sure doom in nearly every other present.

Though the quantity of objective a sidekick can have must be fastidiously thought-about, this doesn’t suggest they at all times have to take a seat on the sidelines. Animal sidekicks can take their objective up a notch in a manner that does not overshadow the primary characters, but nonetheless reveals hidden potential. The penguin trio from Mawaru Penguindrum is an instance of this performed (almost) proper. Mawaru Penguindrum is stuffed with symbolism, and the lovable penguin helpers serve to both prod the story alongside or help with that symbolism. They’re lovable, recognizable and serve a objective — though Mawaru Penguindrum is so filled with symbolism that the penguins get misplaced in it, making their position as aids to the story complicated at finest.

Nonetheless, animal sidekicks can indubitably achieve success helps to a narrative by changing into greater than what they appear. For instance, Cerberus from Cardcaptor Sakura has a far bigger significance than his preliminary teddy bear look suggests.

Kyuubey smiles and looks over

Kyubey from Puella Magi Madoka Magica is without doubt one of the most notorious animal sidekicks for this similar motive. Whereas a part of what makes a profitable sidekick is fulfilling a objective, Kyubey goes above and past in changing into an antagonistic power throughout the story. He isn’t solely cute and visually distinct, but in addition has a secondary objective to make him fascinating. Kyubey differs from different sidekicks right here in that he does management the stability of the story, however whereas this usually would not be a great factor in a sidekick, the story stays centered on the women. Since Kyubey doesn’t remodel into some type of evil remaining boss, his position as an antagonist animal sidekick works very effectively.

Nonetheless, one necessary factor that sidekicks are able to doing that makes them high tier is complement the primary characters by bringing one thing out in them. Kyubey does deliver out one thing new in Madoka, however sidekicks with a optimistic affect have extra potential for long-lasting relationships. For that reason, Nyanko-sensei from Natsume’s Ebook of Associates is a top-tier animal sidekick who ticks each single field. He’s cute in addition to visually distinct. He has a relentless objective within the narrative. Though he transforms into his huge Madara kind to finish sure bodily conflicts within the present, the story stays centered on Natsume’s emotional journey and improvement, that means that Nyanko-sensei does not threaten to unbalance the narrative.

As a substitute, he provides precisely what the story wants on the time, whether or not that is humor when Natsume is by accident became a younger youngster or tactful silence when Natsume finds his empty childhood house. He is additionally a loyal companion — irrespective of how usually he claims it is simply so he can eat Natsume later — and his relationship with Natsume is completely charming. Furthermore, he brings newfound confidence out in Natsume as his buddy and protector, and is the one to kickstart Natsume’s try to return the names within the Ebook of Associates.

Natsume and Madara

So, what makes a profitable animal sidekick? First, it helps in the event that they’re cute. Being visually distinct in addition to interesting can assist safe their place within the present. Moreover look, having a objective throughout the story with out overshadowing the protagonists helps endear a sidekick to the viewers and make their loss extra probably devastating. Sidekicks can typically flip their roles round or help with symbolism, though this must be performed with care with a view to be efficient. Lastly, the perfect type of animal sidekick is one who brings one thing out within the protagonist, complementing their improvement and general story. Whereas any animal sidekick might be worthy of affection, solely those that meet these expectations really turn into irreplaceable elements of their respective tales.


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