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Why Charmander Was the Worst Possible Choice for a Starting Pokémon


Regardless of the blatant favoritism that Pokémon usually reveals Charizard, its pre-evolved type, Charmander, ought to by no means be given to trainers on the outset of their journey. Not as a result of the primary two Gyms in Kanto are Rock and Water-types, although that does make it tougher to make progress. There’s a way more sobering cause Charmander is an terrible alternative for a starter Pokémon. Charmander is a Hearth-type with a small flame burning on the finish of its tail — and if that flame goes out, the Pokémon will die.

When a baby turns 10, they’re given what’s often known as a starter Pokémon to start their journey. For Charmander, extra so than some other Pokémon, its life is in its coach’s arms. A lightweight breeze, some rain, an errant Pokémon assault, and even simply Charmander not paying consideration and unintentionally placing its tail down in a puddle… this Pokémon spends its whole life a second away from demise. Charmander requires around-the-clock consideration similar to a human toddler, and 10-year-olds are famously not given infants to journey the world with unsupervised.

Ash and Brock save Charmander in Pokemon

Sadly, not all trainers are as healthful and devoted to their Pokémon as Ash Ketchum. Take, for instance, Ash’s personal expertise together with his Charmander. The Pokémon’s earlier coach deserted it within the forest as a result of it was weak, inflicting the Charmander to be caught in a heavy rainstorm. It was compelled to cowl itself with a single leaf in one of the heartbreaking photos in all of Pokémon. If Ash, Brock, and Misty hadn’t discovered it once they did, it certainly would have perished.

Upon listening to his Charmander had almost died within the rain ready for him, its coach, Damian, was nonetheless not involved for his Pokémon’s well-being. That the Charmander survived for so long as it did borders on miraculous. Clearly, not everybody deserves a Pokémon, but turning 10 years previous seems to be the one requirement. As a Pokémon that is a hairsbreadth away from demise always, Charmander is proof {that a} coach’s irresponsibility can result in tragedy.

By no means, form, or type ought to Charmander be thought-about the right associate for a coach to begin their journey with. If something, a Charmander ought to solely be given to gifted trainers who’ve confirmed themselves to be reliable and accountable. The start of Ash’s journey made it painfully apparent that rookie trainers are going to make errors, and in Charmander’s case, a coach’s mistake may price the Pokémon its life.

Ash would hate to listen to this, however typically evolving a Pokémon really is in its greatest curiosity. Charmander ought to at all times be swiftly developed as a result of the anime later confirmed that if a Charizard’s flame goes out, whereas it’ll by no means have the ability to battle once more, it not less than will not die. Pokémon battles are inherently violent, however the bodily toll on most Pokémon is extremely treatable and freed from long-lasting results. Charmander, alternatively, is at all times one Hydro Pump away from its demise.


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